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  1. That was what I want to knowThanks man
  2. I think I will stick to FF same problems still happened with IE7 nothing happed with FF 2 except that some new posts are still missing Thanks
  3. :yahoo: :fun: :afro: :cake: :yay:
  4. I mean what is applied function if I did merged this Key? that is my point, may be I did not cleared my self quite enough, sorry N1K
  5. N1K used to post very good things regarding security, do you have any thing new with this regard
  6. I'm using IE7 I'm still reieve the same error Do I have to change any thing with IE settings? Thanks
  7. I'm using IE 7 I do not know what is wrong every time I hit view new topic I'm recieving this error: This is happening with me each time I hit the link, and after sign in again and after a fiew clicks I'm exploring the new postsWhat could be wrong? Thanks
  8. I do not follow!? Did I said something wrong I've just asked about the meaning for the entries mentioned in method #1 Thanks
  9. Please provide more information about this method....What does each entry does?Thanks
  10. Do you think using: IE7 + Windows defender + NOD32 (using XP SP2) with latest updates for each one of them PLUS latest windows updates considered well selection to stay safe!?
  11. This is really good looking works great with 256 MB Ram with no effect on performance
  12. Hello All I'd like to ask for a nice signature I really do like this picture a lot If any one can help with this one it will be great Thanks
  13. But any one yet found a solution for this issue without reformat !?
  14. @ N1K Do you know that this is the 1st forum I've visited yet use the shout box !? It keeps forum more a live
  15. the package is really very good I've removed all themes,...etc with nLite and using classic interface for XP...but with this package working every thing is good and XP is more lite
  16. MGadAllah


    Welcome to the forum mate you will find very helpful guys here enjoy your stay
  17. how to get updates using firefox without using windows updates extension ?
  18. I've been here for a while, I've realized many changes for better indeed. Keep up the good work
  19. I remember the best or the good comprehensive source I've ever seen was smiley extra 4
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