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  1. lol, try it and see.... :lol: I ran one of those can you run it tests and got the following result though it doesnt tell me which versions i can run:
  2. hehe i sorted it out, I just used the 2nd version of hotmail and now it runs fine. Hotmail allows you to use 3 versions if im not mistaken. 1st one looks all sleak and shiny with the message box under the inbox, so you click on a mail and you can read the message without having to open a new page 2nd one is the same stuff but without the message box underneath, so now you have to open the mail in a new page and I think you can still go back to the old hotmail format that we have used for a good few years, but that just looks old..lol
  3. Hola again Okay this problem is bugging me for sure. Everytime i click on the new mail icon on msn messenger my IE opens to take me to the inbox.....which is how it should. However... rather than actually going to the page, the site (which said loading hotmail...) keeps refreshing itself non stop and I have to close IE and open hotmail on firefox instead. Im gonna try going back to the old hotmail version and see if that helps, but if someone knows how to solve this issue, let me know. cheers
  4. does windows xp have something similar???
  5. spam him!! when was his site created??? and he is missing a vital part....the forums!
  6. The firefox version of google link: http://www.google.co.uk/firefox?client=fir...:en-US:official
  7. pretty sure others have a rig like this and better edit: added FEAR aswell
  8. this section looked too empty soooooo, iv started this topic for ANY benchmarks you have done. Post away!!!!!! Include your system specs if you want. i'll start it off? my specs: Asrock 775 dual vsta core 2 duo E6600 @ stock 2 gigs DDR400 ram (old, but works fine ) Sapphire X1950 pro 512MB (AGP still) 250Gb HDD Thermaltake wingo V8000A case 380 watt Tagan PSU (yeah im running all of this on 380 watts without a single glitch)
  9. No idea, iv upgraded my pc and dont have the old one any more to mess around with
  10. eh sorted it out. I just reinstalled windows :whistle: :whistle:
  11. I'll try safe mode next time it boots up, cant be bothered to go through all the restarting again just yet..lol! i'll also run a disk check while im at it and let u know what comes up.
  12. hellooooo I have a problem....about 3-4 days ago i noticed my windows kept getting stuck on the logon screen. I would just get a message saying loading windows....and then thats it. None of the user ID's come up, so i cant log into windows. This problem is usually fixed by me restarting once or sometimes 2-3 times. Its starting to annoy me. Any way to solve this little problem??
  13. If this messes my pc im gonna kill you! :lol: If it works....then i love you man :clap: :clap: :clap: :b
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