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  1. I hope to test this program soon. Finally got my self a ligit w7 and w8. Its been a long time ago i did any sliming down on xp and windows 7. Used nlite and vlite back than. I hope i can turn my w8 upgrade version into a normal w8 pro version and edit some stuff with this program?. Will be like old times i hope:D
  2. Here is HIJACKTHISAddonMakerV1.1a Info This addonmaker works with XP Windows 7. HIJACKTHIS info Scan your computer with HijackThis version 2.0.4 to find settings changed by spyware, malware, or other unwanted programs. HijackThis version 2.0.4 is now Windows 7 compatible. It generates in-depth log reports for Windows-operated systems, including Windows 7. HomePage: Naam: HIJACKTHISAddonMakerV1.1a.rar CRC-32: ea50291d MD4: e29ca5ab0031400bfeaf707276142b0b MD5: cf9d9364f1784f1f6349cf06545ca5b8 SHA-1: 12d67e8a7a9959b9e970d5d8f0b12ca71f1e02b3 Download HIJACKTHISAddonMakerV1.1a:
  3. Updated to StingerAddonMakerV1.2a It now works on Windows 7 to:D
  4. Sow did you find a way to make the XP.wim bootable like Vista and Win7?
  5. Hi all, With imagex i made a install.wim file from xp pro. I made from a 26 gb big partition C: Than i format the hole harddrive. After it i made a 30 big partition ash drive c: I wash happy that i could just restore the install.wim with imagex and all worked. I did a TIME taking reinstall of my Vista Home Premium recovery disk's. (Installed sp1 and sp2 + 150 updates. Did really take long to Install update Vista bloadware) After it i did a sysprep and used imagex in the next step to make a install.wim. Happy me finally got my Vista updated and backed up. Sow now i could format the anoying Vist
  6. After installing Sp2 my broadcom wifi did not work any more. Vista bloadware did nog get saved. Long live windows 8 without metro gui:D
  7. UtCollector


    I hate spammers. I often say something mean back if posible.
  8. Here is StingerAddonMakerV1.2a Info This will download the latest Stinger version from the website and make a true addon from it. The addon will be placed om C: I could not find the right setting to output the file to the desktop. I changed the tool a bit sow that it runs under Windows 7 to. Info Stinger McAfee Stinger detects and removes prevalent Fake Alert malware and threats identified in the "List Viruses" section of the Stinger application. While not a replacement for full fledged antivirus software, Stinger is updated multiple times a week to include detection for newer Fake Alert varia
  9. Hoe zit het met stap 3: 3. Plaats de PATCHER in uw XPCD directory en start de PATCHER 3. Zorg ervoor dat de entries in de voorbeeld winnt.sif ook aanwezig zijn in uw winnt.sif en indien u geen winnt.sif gebruikt plaats dan het winnt.sif bestand in de map i386 Ik zie nergens een "voorbeeld winnt.sif" ook in de overige winstyle pagina's niet.
  10. Nice thx, I tested it under VM and all seems iinstalled. I got: 144mb installed. 1.674 files and 295 directory's. Great work. that it all can be uninstalled true the software list. Amazing work) Maybe a bit much cab tools in the pack!? I only dont like the menu when clicking the right mouse button. If i may ask. What is the name of it. I would like to take it out of the addon.
  11. Looks nice where can i download this?.... Gues i found it here: http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?/topic/7339-release-winstyle-nl-moonlight-editie/
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