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inf copies

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When you use an inf addon during an ui, the inf is automatically copied to %windir%\inf

if I you convert the inf to a silent exe and that during an ui, will the inf be copied to %windir%\inf

I'm not at home and it would take me a couple of hours to find out, using my laptop



When using the silent installer, the inf is not automatically copied to the %windir%\inf folder. Can the inf be copied by the inf?

I have been trying the copyINF directive, but that changes the name of the inf to OEM*.inf and can't be referenced by the uninstaller.

Anyone have any ideas?

Again, any help is appreciated.



Adding this to the config.txt for the silent installer seems to work.

RunProgram="hidcon:cmd /C copy /Y firefox.inf %windir%\inf"

Is there any downside to doing it this way?

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