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Could You Please upload or give download link of Windows Journal and TPC input panel from Xp Tablet PC 2005?


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:) Hello, Does either of you have Xp Tablet PC 2005 SP2/SP3 installed? If yes, would you like`to upload some Windows Journal and Tablet PC input panel/TIP files here (files from Windows Journal and Tablet PC Input Panel directory such as .dll or .exe etc) or at least a link to download them?

(PS: Not from Vista but Xp Tablet PC), Because i dont have the OS.

If yes, i will appreciate it so much. for my work, in order to get them work successfully on normal Xp (as well as both ported Vista and Xp TPC Snipping Tool for normal Xp in my previous upload) without changing the OS/critical registry. If success, i will upload them here as add ons or apps. i will also customize them to mimic Vista Journal and TIP...

Thank you so much for your attention and help. I would appreciate. Regards :) Still be waiting for...


UPDATED: :thumbsup_anim: Finally done Bro, you can also get them completely on Xp Pro/Home/MCE 2005 or Server 2003 as well here right now:

- Tablet PC Input Panel and convert Xp Pro/Home/MCE to Xp Tablet PC for free:



- Windows Journal:


Even if you already have either original/standard Xp Tablet PC 2005 OS or the converted version (from Xp Pro/Home/MCE to Tablet PC) installed, then you can make them more "vistaized" (Standard Windows Xp Tablet PC Applications: Tablet PC Input Panel, Journal, Sticky Notes, Inkball like the ones in Vista Ultimate/Premium):


Cya and Long live Xp all versions! Forever! ;)

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:) Thx you so much Xprox for your reply my friend, it seems i have to install the Xp TPC OS as you said becoz it's very hard to get them unpacked. OK, i will try... :P now im downloading it from...lmfao :P ...surely you know :P Edited by AMIRZ
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