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    All my Family and Friends, my Girl Friend(s, lol), Humanity, Science, Politic, Religion, Travelling, Automotives, Parties, Smoking and Drinking lol, Computer (hardware and software both, especially programming and customizing/tweaking/skinning etc) and Internet, Gaming, engineering and drawing (i am an architect/engineer-graduate) Playing and listening Music (Guitar and Piano) especially Rock'n Roll, Heavy Metal and Classical music, sports (soccer and basketball), working (job), and so many...etc.

    And finally especially Wincert with all people here of course! I love U all! Anyway Happy Customizing, Tweaking, and Enhancing your OS, especially Microsoft Windows! Please wish us all the best of luck and Cya!

    Nama saya Amirz alias / aka Amir Syahrani, saya juga adalah seorang arsitek, sementara ini masih bekerja sebagai karyawan disebuah perusahaan engineering/rekayasa di Jakarta - Indonesia, salam kenal merdeka! :)
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  1. i miss u mom...

  2. I miss u mom...

  3. Cool tutorial looks very useful, saved and bookmarked, thanks for sharing! :thumbsup_anim:
  4. AMIRZ

    hello all

    Welcome 2 Wincert :thumbsup_anim:
  5. Sorry late: Happy Birthday Rick, may God bless you
  6. Yea it's lovely... :dribble: :giveheart:
  7. AMIRZ

    Hi everyone

    (Lol i'm just back btw) welcome to Wincert marillo :thumbsup_anim:
  8. BBCode error? Oops sorry Rick i really didn't realize/notice that (case sensitive), just recently updated the old post last night, copying and pasting hehe..., many thanks for the helpful info and fixing the code. Hey actually you're the best man here Rick, seriously you've already been my idol for along time with your greatest job :thumbsup_anim: two thumbs up for you bro... You're welcome and thanks for the compliment mate, hope that they would be useful too as well... Edit: Just Added Here: Vista or Windows 7 style application "Windows Help and Support" Mod for XP: Just released it on m
  9. Lol sorry late, happy birthday N1K, wish u the best of the best of the best... :thumbsup_anim:
  10. Thanks George King for this project wow finally :thumbsup_anim: i can't promise anything (busy now) but maybe i'll try to contribute something, later Anyway long live XP!
  11. ^ Thanks for the tutorial but...in English please mate? (this is an English speaking forum/subforum)
  12. Hello sasford, thank you for adding me as a friend, cheerz :)

  13. Ur welcome thanks :)

  14. Ur welcome mate thx :)

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