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Collection Of Good Tweaks


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from here


Windows Vista: Customize the User Interface tweaks

Disable pop-up balloon tips

Enable New Boot screen in Vista Beta 2

Enable New Vista Aero Cursors

Enable Vista Glass look on Unsupported Video Cards

Fix Windows Vista Fonts

Force Vista Glass on Compatible Hardware

Kill Security Center Notifications

Show Run Command on Start Menu

Slow Motion Aero Animations on Demand

Tweak your glass window borders

Windows Vista: Usability Tips

Checkbox Select Alternative

Install Vista without product key

Launch Flip 3D Alt+Tab Replacement

Make NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices work in Vista

Missing the old File, Edit, View menu bar?

Run as administrator start menu keyboard trick

Stop autostart applications

Wireless Network Search Refresh

Windows Vista: Performance Tweaks

Disable Network Printer Search

Disable Welcome Center

Speed up Start Menu Search

Vista Beta 1 Service Guide: Part 1

Vista Beta 1 Service Guide: Part 2

Windows Vista: Software Tweaks

Add search providers to Internet Explorer 7

Create a Shortcut for Flip 3D

Enable Add-ins in Windows Live Messenger

Enable Vista Glass on Intel GMA 950 Graphics Cards

Internet Explorer 7 keyboard shortcuts

Internet Explorer 7 Privacy Tip

Internet Explorer 7 Quick reference Sheet

Internet Explorer 7 User Agent tweaking tool

Remove Windows Mail splash screen

Resize Partitions with Vista Disk Management

Windows Vista: Security Tweaks

Start Menu Privacy Tweaks

Tweak User Account Protection

Windows Vista: Links

Learn How To Add Glass to your Applications

Official Windows Vista website

Vista Blogs

Windows Vista Development Site

Windows Vista Logos

Windows Vista UX Guidelines

from here

http://www.tweakvista.com/ check for updates

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