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Official Microsoft WMP Brilliant Black Skin


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Official Microsoft WMP Brilliant Black Skin

(Original Skin From MS Touch Pack - Codenamed Origami Project)

:) Hello Everybody. This is the Official Microsoft WMP Skin: Brilliant Black for Windows Media Player, it was originally from Microsoft Touch Pack for UMPC OEM (UMPC: Ultra Mobile Personal Computer, Codenamed Origami - with Xp Tablet PC and Vista OSes, powered by Microsoft and Intel also some big OEMs). Seems it was never officially launched for PC users before (sorry if somebodoy had ever posted/uploaded this) but i have extracted and uploaded the skin here. You can also use it for any Windows Media Player in PC/Laptop/Tablet PC with Xp and/or Vista...


- Windows Xp and Windows Vista All Editions (Not tested yet in other OSes but supposedly yes)

- Windows Media Player 9, 10, 11 or higher


The skin has built in color/theme changer (wallpaper?) feature (one option is optimized for Windows 7-like theme/color"Blue Aurora" or whatever as i called it if i'm not wrong lol sorry :lol: , as you can see the screenshot below), also High quality graphics, based on metallic black and silver color, proportional size etc, very good in wide screen (16:9) or Tablet screen etc, i dont know more or you can explore it yourself later. If you use it on WMP in Tablet PC, this skin has been optimized for touch screen feature etc. But again, you can still use it in any PC/Laptop as well.

It looks very cool for me and some of my friends. If you're interested, then you can also download and give it a try. Just double click "Brilliant Black.wmz" skin file to extract and apply the skin as usual. You can remove it easily later if you don't like it. Enjoy for free... :D

- Screenshot in Xp with "Blue Aurora" color mode (or whatever) enabled:


- Download Brilliant Skin for Xp/Vista:

File Name: Official WMP Briliant Black Skin (From MS Touch Pack).zip

Size: 3,38 Mb

MD5 Checksum:BE50815B5EBE505842C5D3A1B55C94BF


Thx to MS 4 this :P , Cheers!

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