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[Addon] Dougiefresh's IE7 Tweaks Add-On v1.0


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This add-on contains the settings I use to tweak Internet Explorer 7 for my use, which I found under RegTweaks Collection v0.4. It also installs the Internet Explorer 5 Web Accessories onto the system. In addition, it adds the Domain Block List to block some pornographic domains. It can installed without integrating into XP source.

IE Tweaks in General:

- Adds Government and Military to auto url searches

- Keeps Dial-Up Connection active during user-switch

- Disallow spying by web-sites by putting "about:" sites in Restricted

- Changes default search engine to Yahoo

- Adds MSKB, AV, GGL, MSN and FM search keywords to IE.

- Disable FTP folder view and use passive FTP

- Disable download complete notification and allow IE window reuse

- Disallow spying by web-sites by putting "about:" sites in Restricted

IE7-specific Tweaks:

- Remove IE7 First Run Dialogs and Tabs welcome

- Force IE7 Menu Bar to be displayed above address bar

- Phishing Filter enabled by default

- Adds all supported search scopes for IE7 (Picture)

- Changes default search scope to Yahoo and IE7 Start Page to Yahoo.

- Changes IE7 Tabbed Browsing behavior.


FileName: Doug_IETweak_AddOn_v1.0.rar

Size: 62kb

MD5: 81D5C224FE64AED0F9A8819C7773E07A

NOTE: While I am certain that settings will be applied with IE7 integrated, I am not sure whether they will be if IE7 is installed after windows setup is complete. Just a word of warning....

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