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System 32 File Issue...Some Insight Please?

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Hi All.

Im hoping someone can share some insight on a file issue I noticed within my System32 folder that confuses me. :confused02:

I am at a loss & would be so grateful for some information.

I have browsed search engines looking for an answer for hours now & cant find ANYTHING about this...not even one thing; & so I very much hope to get some answers here.

While Browsing my System 32 Windows folder, as I am in the process of following Bold Fortunes Slimming Down Windows XP, I have come across some files I am confused by.

There are files here,...one's absolutely needed for windows to function properly...such as

"Windows Shell Common DLL", File:"shell32.dll"

but there are duplicates just like the one for this file that read like this


There are a bunch like this & below I list some for you so you can see more of what I am talking about, but everything is exactly the same. There are no differences between the duplicates. The creation dates are the same, the file size is the same & I have even done the fc command function for all of them which compared them & found no differences between them.

Do you think that since they are exactly the same that it might be ok to delete these duplicates? Does anyone know why they may be here or where they came from? Not every system file has a duplicate, but a bunch & again, below I list some. The Duplicate files kinda seem to maybe have Windows NT in common & same with something called API?....but i really dont know, this is just an observation....I am absolutely not computer savvy, so I ask that you PLEASE review the list below & tell me what you think. I also maybe wonder that if the duplicates are not due to this thing called Windows NT that maybe they are duplicated because I am running a wireless laptop off the same router??..again...i dont know, just thought Id throw that out there.

Please review this list & tell me what you think. Id love some knowledgable insight here,..PLEASE??? xxoo

Some Duplicate Exaples are as follows:

Application Compatibility Client Library, File:"apphelp.dll" & "apphelp(2)(2).dll"

Application Layer Gateway Service, File:"alg.exe" & "alg(2)(2).exe"

Service that Offers IPv6 connectivity over an IPv4, File:"6to4svc.dll" & "6to4svc(2)(2).dll"

ATL Module for Windows XP (unicode), File:"atl.dll" & "atl(2)(2).dll"

Windows NT Base API Service, File:"basesrv.dll" & "basesrv(2)(2).dll"

Windows Audio Service, File:"audiosrv.dll" & "audiosrv(2)(2).dll"

Authorization Framework, File:"authz.dll" & "authz(2)(2).dll"

Microsoft Cabinet File API, File:"cabinet.dll" & "cabinet(2)(2).dll"

Cluser API Library, File:"clusapi.dll" & "clusapi(2)(2).dll"

Credential Manager User Interface, File:"credui.dll" & "credui(2)(2).dll"

Cryptographic Service, File:"cryptsvc.dll" & "cryptsvc(2)(2).dll"

File,:"Comsvcs.dll" & "Comsvcs(2)(2).dll"

Microsoft Trust UI Provider, File:"cryptui.dll" & "cryptui(2)(2).dll"

Event Logging Service, File:"eventlog.dll" & "eventlog(2)(2).dll"

Server Database Storage engine, File:"esent.dll" & "esent(20(2).dll"

Home Networking Configuration, File "hnetcfg.dll" & "hnetcfg(2)(2).dll"

Hid User Library, File:"hid.dll" & "hid(2)(2).dll"

Windows Error Reporting Service, File:"ersvc.dll" & "ersvc(2)(2).dll"

Windows Direct User Engine, File:"duser.dll" * duser(2)(2).dll"

Microsoft MIDI Mapper, File "midimap.dll" & "midimap(2)(2).dll"

Windows Modem Properties, File "modemui.dll" & "modemui(2)(2).dll"

LSA Shell (Export Version), File:"lsass.exe" & "lsass(2)(2).exe"

Winodws NT MP Router Administration DLL, File "mprapi.dll" & "mprapi(2)(2).dll"

Windows NT Logon GINA Dll, File:"msgina.dll" & "msgina(2)(2).dll"

Microsoft ® C++ Runtime Library, File:"msvcp60.dll" & "msvcp60(2)(2).dll"

Windows Installer, File "msi.dll" & "msi(2)(2).dll"

Windows NT CRT DLL, File "msvcrt.dll" & "msvcrt(2)(2).dll"

MS DTC & MTS Clustering Support DLL, File:"mtxclu.dll" & "mtxclu(2)(2).dll"

GDI Client DLL, File:"gdi32.dll" & "gdi32(2)(2).dll"

GDIEXT Client DLL, File "msimg32.dll" & "msimg32(2)(2).dll"

LDAP RnR Provider DLL, File:"winrnr.dll" & "winrnr(2)(2).dll"

Net Win32 API Dll, File:"netapi32.dll" & "netapi32(2)(2).dll"

Net Logon Services DLL, File:"netlogon.dll" & "netlogon(2)(2).dll"

NT LM UI Common Code Networking Classes, File:"netui1.dll" & "netui1(2)(2).dll"

Network Connections Shell, File:"netshell.dll" & "netshell(2)(2).dll"

Microsoft LAN Manager, File"ntlanman.dll" & "ntlanman(2)(2).dll"

Microsoft OLE for Windows, File "ole32.dll" & "ole32(2)(2).dll"

Windows NT Marta Provider, File:"ntmarta.dll" & "ntmarta(2)(2).dll"

Microsoft Data Access ODBC Driver Manager, File "odbc32.dll" & "odbc32(2)(2).dll"

Protected Storage Server, File:"pstorsvc.dll" & "pstorsvc(2)(2).dll"

Power Profile Helper, File:"powrprof.dll" & "powrprof(2)(2).dll"

PNRP Name Space Provider, File "pnrpnsp.dll" & "pnrpnsp(2)(2).dll"

Remote Access PPP CHAP, File:"raschap.dll" & "raschap(2)(2).dll"

Registry Configuration API's, File:"regapi.dll" & "regapi(2)(2).dll"

Remote Procedure Call Runtime, File:"rpcrt4.dll" & "rpcrt4(2)(2).dll"

Routing Utilities, File:"rtutils.dll" & "rtutils(2)(2).dll"

Task Scheduler Engine, File:"schedsvc.dll" & "schedsvc(2)(2).dll"

SENS Connectivity API DLL, File:"sensapi.dll" & "sensapi(2)(2).dll"

Secondary Logon Service DLL, file "seclogon.dll" & "seclogon(2)(2).dll"

Windows Shell Services DLL, File:"shsvcs.dll" & "shscvs(2)(2).dll"

Shim Engine DLL, File:"shimeng.dll" & "shimeng(2)(2).dll"

Microsoft SMARTCARD API, File:"winscard.dll" & "winscard(2)(2).dll"

Winstation Library, File:"winsta.dll" & "winsta(2)(2).dll"

Workstation Service DLL, File:"wkssvc.dll" & "wkssvc(20(2).dll"

Win32 LDAP API DLL, File:"widap32.dll" & "widap32(2)(2).dll"

Common DLL to Receive WinLogon Notifications, File:"wlnotify.dll" & "wlnotify(2)(2).dll"

MCI API DlL, File:"winmm.dll" & "winmm(2)(2).dll"

Windows HTTP Services. File:"winhttp.dll" & "winhttp(2)(2).dll"

Windows File Protection, File:"sfc_os.dll" & "sfc_os(2)(2).dll"

& then I have another of these, same version & size with the file name "sfc.dll" & "sfc(2)(2).dll"

** these are just to list some....there are several more.

Hopefully I didnt leave to many typos...lol.

I hope someone can give me some info. I just dont know what they are doing there if they are exactly the same as the original & where they came from & if I can get rid of them or not.

I'd be so grateful for some knowledge. :wub_anim:



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I think you can delete any *(2)(2).dll without problems.

cmd> cd c:\windows\system32

del *(2)(2).*

Where did they come from? I don't have a clue. Maybe you somehow copied them.

Getting rid of them won't be a problem.


Have a good day.

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As far as I know, this is not a normal situation. By default installation of Windows XP you shouldn't have any of those duplicated files. I'm not sure what could 'cause this, some thrid party tool, or even a virus. Maybe Bold will drop a post , so we'll see what he has to say about this..

You're safe to delete those files as I'm sure they're not in use though.

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Yup they must be backupd from a patcher or some similiar program.

I would go ahead and delete all of them too.

It looks like ALOT of them were for services. Did you use some program or addon that modified your services?

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Hi Everyone!!

I thank you kindly for reading my post & helping me out.

Ive never used these forums before & wish I had a long time ago. All of you are so kind to take the time to help out & I truly thank you!

Im going & deleting them right now so THANKS BUNCHES!!!

....And I dont know how they got there nor do I know if some program made them or if something modified my system...at least nothing Im aware of. I tried going through program files & system folders & checking properties & creation dates to see if something would strike a bell or if I would recognize something or see some similarities, but i got nothing,....the duplicate (2)(2) files all have the same exact creation date as their original system file & most of those have the original first date when we installed the OS,...there are just a couple with later creation dates but the (2)(2) files still have the same creation date as their original.

...its extremely odd to say the least, but i just want them off it they dont need to be here, so im going now & deleting them for good!!

I ran NUMEROUS virus & spyware programs to search for virus' but they never find anything, so Im assuming its not a virus!!??..I would think that one out of the many scans that have ran would have found it....no?? Ive ran Malwarebytes & Windows Defender & they actually scan every night & never find anything & then I have Avast Home Edition as our AntiVirus which is also an AntiSpyware, & then I also have Spyware Blaster,& Adware Anniversary Edition, but then on top of those I have gone to Cnet in the past & downloaded other programs to try them & they never find anything either...so I dont think its a virus....Who knows what it is. I had a friend of mine living here with me for a few months as she went through her divorce & who knows what she did when she was on here.



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Hi Again Everyone.

Im here to post for another issue, but wanted to add to this post to this thread to follow up & tell you all that someone told me that the System Restore Feature could cause duplicates like I had.

I dont know how true this is, but it was given to me by someone knowledgable on computers, and I just wanted to leave it here just incase someone has the same issue as me in the future.

It very well may have been the System Restore too because it was soon after using the System Restore numerous times in a row, going back & forth between restoring the reversing the restore,..(stupid)...that this happened...... errrrr.


Thats All.

No Biggie!

ENJOY & Thanks Again! :giveheart:



" To Err Is Human....But it Feels DIVINE !!!! " ~ Mae West


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