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Windows "Add / Remove Windows Components" Error

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Hi All! :welcome:

I'm having an issue that I very much hope someone can assist me with.

I was trying to Organize & Fix some "Services" running Automtically on My System since the SP3 Install & needed to get into the " Add/Remove Windows Components " Section in the Windows Installer Program but when I try to gain Access to this Particular Area I get a Red X Error that I Do NOT get elsewhere with any of the other functions within the Add / Remove Program.

I can Get Into & Use the " Change or Remove Programs" Section Fine, & the " Set Program Access Defaults" Opens Fine too!! Its just the " Add/Remove Windows Components" Section that I get this Error!!??


" Setup Was Unable To Load the Master Information File"

& then When I Hit <OK> I get Another Red X Message that Reads:

" The Application Could Not Be Initialized ".

**** Ive Attached TWO Screen Shots...One of Each Error Message just incase you need to see it ****

I have NO clue how long its been like this. I cant even remember the last time I went into the "Windows Components" area.

I would be EXTREMELY Grateful for any Help at Restoring My Access to this Area & Correcting this Issue...Please?

Can I maybe Reinstall Windows Installer & maybe it would fix whatever is wrong ?

ANY Helpful Information or Suggestions would be MORE then Appreciated !!!

~~ Hugs Hugs ~~ :giveheart:



" To Err Is Human....But If Feels Divine " ~ Mae West




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