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Norton AntiVirus 2007


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Norton AntiVirus for Windows 2007 Beta ( betaPublisher's Description:

Norton AntiVirus from Symantec is one of the best anti-virus software titles in the world. Enjoy the security of automatic protection against viruses, malicious ActiveX controls and Java applets, and other dangerous code. It protects you while you're surfing the Internet or getting information from floppy disks, CDs, or a network. It also automatically scans incoming attachments in the most popular email programs. It is extremely easy to keep updated, with automatic retrieval of new anti-virus definitions from Symantec as often as once a week.

From BetaNews.

More info here.

Norton Internet Security 2007 Beta

Just think its wierd thier beta testing a released product. I could understand more if it was a in house beta test, but.....

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I guess that they're just following "the beta trends", as other companies benefit and gain a lot of useful information from Beta Testers.

It's better to have millions of testers than a few hundreds at Symantec company..

TBH I don't like Symantec Antivirus a bit, since it's very system demanding, and you need a magic wand to uninstall it..

Thx for the info though.. :)

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