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live boot recovery disks, need help advice information please!


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Guys I am going to be fixing a lot of computers soon and I have need as much information as I can get on bootable recovery live disks. Google dosn't really return much of use suprisingly.

My first question is about CD's vs USB memory sticks. Am I correct in saying that using bootable live disks on a USB stick is far better than using them on a CD because on USB drives the programs are able to write rather than just "read"??? I bought a Corsair 8GB USB 2.0 Flash Voyager Hi Speed memory stick recently for this purpose. What are the pros and cons and compatibility issues which using a USB memory stick? For instance can all PC's boot from USB drives?

Also why are linux boot cd's so popular? How do they compare to windows ultimate boot cd and (Warez name here)? What advantages does a linux boot disk have over those aforementioned windows bootdisks? If Linux disks are indeed superior I am more than willing to learn how to work Linux, but I need some reasons to convince me and some links to places to get started!

I also read a post here a while back about some guy making his own "ultimate boot disk" with all the most popular bootable disk packages on a single USB drive with the option to use each one via a DOS menu - sounds exciting. Overall I am looking to put something together than will cover all bases and remedy any possible computer issue.

Please give as much info/advice as possible as like I will be fixing a lot of computers in the near-future!

thanks guys.

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