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  1. Back from some time off I see, new things to play with What we miss now is just Rick's dual-arch installer for Adobe Flash (IE & FF) and DirectX June 2010 :beerchug: Keep up the GREAT work :prop:
  2. @BillGates_XP Nice to have you onboard..That means WinStyle 2009 Water ENG...
  3. Nice. I started on ".RES"-ing too. And I've gathered all of the patched files (I think). I'll share my results as soon as I finish.
  4. If I could only get a copy of the source... Ok I asked prokazzza through ICQ for his permission and the templates. I hope I get an answer though.
  5. What happened to this project? Any plans on a future English release? What about a traslating team here on WinCert ? felix
  6. I've used it. First on a 60GB old drive with 20% bad sectors and then on a new SATA drive with just some bad sectors. The SATA drive got repaired. I re-run a second check just to be shure. The 60GB one unfortunately seemed to be repaired but on a second scan the bad sectors reappeared. It was my notebook's drive. It became so slow that I had to wait almost 10 min for XP just to boot. Dumped it as soon as I could afford a new one . In my opinion it's good only if few sectors are bad, caused by an improper shut-down (logical bad sectors). Bad sectors tend to spread faster than a plauge.
  7. Hi take a look a this forum Boot-Land that's the right place to ask questions about your topic felix
  8. Final Russian version released. I hope English translation starts soon
  9. hi Riffman81 the only addon I know that does XP -> Seven is Seven Transformation Pack felix
  10. hi again Shashi sorry for talking a little bit technical. i will try to explain it in more simple words: the command-line i gave you sets winamp as the default audio/video/audioCD player. it adds some registry keys for the file association with winamp to work. these associations are located under the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT registry root. since winamp plays many file types, the registry keys are a lot. i'll make your life easier. these are the files that need to be added to the RegisterDLLs section : CDDBControlWinamp.dll CddbMusicIDWinamp.dll CddbPlaylist2Winamp.dll CDDBUIWinamp.dll they are located under the "C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins\Gracenote" directory. just add them like in rick's example. now to get all those registry keys i'm talking about use installrite and do an initial system scan. next step register the dlls and run winamp with the command-line. last step in installrite check the snapshot you just took and look in the "modified registry" entry. i hope i was more clear this time felix
  11. hi Shashi let me give some tips : you get all those reg entries because there are some dlls registered during winamp installation. also just before finishing, the nsis installer executes winamp.exe with the following parameters (/REG=AVCD) to create file associations if my memory does'nt fail me i think A stands for audio, V for video and CD for AudioCD and context menu try this. you'll NOTICE the difference best regards felix
  12. this would go along well with Vishal's SevenVG Black XP theme and teft's Obsidian Cursor set. I vote for using these as default theme and cursors also for bringing back default vista icons (instead of the custom ones). just a suggestion oh and one final thing: @Fixit can you make the oobe pics for mce look like the xp pro ones ? that would be nice especially for those who integrate Vista's skin for MCE. felix
  13. man that's really nice :thumbsup_anim: can it be done on other xp dialogs? if yes it will be awesome thanks wolfcall
  14. I started testing some custom builds recently and used this addon..however i'm having some issues with it. some icons are missing (IE8 and some startmenu shortcuts),mediacenter complains of no netfx 1.1 even though this would be present from this pack.. I tried even an isolated case with only this addon, nlite no removals, no customisations and still the same results. just to let you know
  15. @De... I mean OnePiece Waiting for IE8 in the pack.. Just take your time my friend
  16. did you forget to enable the sfc_os.dll patch under the "Patches" section ? do it. it won't break anything.
  17. @johnnyboy thanks for implementing my request. however when I run your software I get an IE script error at line 736 char 2: syntax error. I try to continue running the script but nothing happens, just 4 gradient-blue rectangles with no text in them and no window title just "document.title".
  18. @rick & pen25jf Actually he is requesting an IE7 UpdatePack with only the hotfixes not IE7 itself. OnePiece's addon contains the full IE7 + hotfixes. @George King You can slipstream IE7 using nLite by just adding OnePiece's or MrNxDmx's one as a hotfix. Check this thread on Ryan's forum it pretty much covers all your needs: Onepiece's Internet Explorer 7 for XP with updates Addons I hope MrNxDmx doesn't pick on me for favoring the competition..
  19. sorry to be a deal breaker but I think nobody will bother when there are just enough of IE7 addons...
  20. only thing left is include rick's mce 2k5 addon and it becomes a complete mamoth pack @onepiece na behet qejfi kur shqiptaret na nderojne @fungus strange i didn't encounter that
  21. @jonnyboy I have a suggestion: can you make it possible to work in offline mode (copy files from local FF installation for PCs without internet connection) ?
  22. Thanks Rick I knew how to disable addons (even how to remove them, ofcourse those that can be removed). Anyway I found the problematic addon. It was a INF with some tweaks made by a friend of mine. It's string length exceeded the 4096 char limit for INFs thus blocking most of my addons (which came after it in integration order).
  23. I have some experience with addon slipstreaming and nliting windows builds. Having an XP VLK key yesterday I downloaded the MSDN build of xp with SP3. While playing with nlite I noticed something strange. My DVD builds perfectly. However when I test it on a real machine (even a virtual one) some adons don't get installed (inf addons) while others work as expected. When I say don't get installed I mean they appear on the Win Add/Rem Components but there aren't any folders on Program Files or shortcuts on Desk and Start.At first I thought it was DriverPacks fault but later testings proved me wrong. I've been scratching my head trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong but with no success . I hope somebody can clear me out. I'm attaching my nlite settings. Regards felix winxp.txt
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