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[Addon] Reaper v3.05

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Reaper v3.05



REAPER's no-compromises 64-bit audio engine and 64-bit end-to-end signal path offer the maximum in resolution and headroom. Unlimited track counts, total routing freedom, draggable sends, beat-based audio templates, sidechain support for any plugin - REAPER gives you both power and flexibility.


REAPER doesn't discriminate against MIDI. You can freely mix audio and MIDI routing, even within a single track. REAPER's parameter modulation allows you to creatively sidechain midi and audio: drive your synth's cutoff filter with an audio signal, or create midi triggers with an audio gate. You can even script your own JS MIDI processing plug-ins and customized game controller-to-MIDI support!

Everything You Need

REAPER includes over a dozen top-quality 64-bit ReaPlugs, the celebrated Elastique 2 real-time pitch-shifting engine, full REX support, and literally hundreds of user-programmable effects. Run almost any VST, DX, or AU (OSX only) plug-in, or use the included JS audio and MIDI plug-in scripting engine to create your own.

Nothing You Don't

REAPER's 4MB download is smaller than some web pages. It contains no multi-gigabyte library of someone else's music, no crippled evaluation versions of a bunch of software somebody paid us to package, no arbitrary hardware or software restrictions and absolutely no invasive copy protection system.

Website: http://www.reaper.fm


MD5 - 4EF22B9D4F97FCB2962B65E4D304D714

Size - 4.75 MB

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your link brings me to tugzip.com :g:

btw since this is 64 bit, can it be used on x32 os ?

Link is fixed, sorry. I use the same template for my topics. LOL. I made this addon for a friend, I have never used it. I believe the 64 bit is not the OS specs but audio specs. The website doesn't have much about the program. The program is for producing, editing music.

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well still i don't know what this addon does

so i gonna give it a try and test

Sorry DaRk MaDnEsS. I made it for a friend and thought I would share. It's not freeware also. All I can say, is this program is used in studios for making music, adding and mixing vocals etc.

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