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[SVCPACK] Addon HP USB Storage Format Tool 2.1.8


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[sVCPACK] Addon HP USB Storage Format Tool 2.1.8.cab

HP USB Disk/Drive Format Utility is a Windows based software used to format flash drives to FAT, FAT32 and NTFS partition types.

Additionally, the drive can be made bootable by using system files from Windows startup-disks.

The format options provided are similar to the format.com available in Windows.

The allocation unit size option is not available in this utility.

The additional option available is that the user can locate the system files from the default internal MS-DOS location or from the files located at an alternate location.


This utility does not support formatting of internal drives, CF, MMC, etc.

All drives connected through the USB port of the computer is recognised and can be formatted using this software.

If you want to use the "Panda USB-HDD Vaccine" and it uses partition NTFS, it is necessary that you format your pendrive also in NTFS.

Homepage: http://hewlett-packard.software.informer.com/


Addon: http://www.4shared.com/file/121411966/89698d65/Addon_HP_USB_Storage_Format_Tool_2180.html

MD5: 519F509DD6E8691C390195519F129D21

Size: 1,518 Mb

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