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Logitech, Setpoint 4.80/520 & Game Panel 303


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- Download: Setpoint 4.80 x64

-MD5: F0F085D418D39B404E2026EAB2EE0207

-Size: 64,4mb

-Credits: Muiz

- Download: Setpoint 5.20.40 x64

-Works only with G9 & G500 mouse

-MD5: 1A34C46FC2E0ADD8708E3B0E340A3583

-Size: 14,4mb

-Credits: Muiz

- Download: Game Panel Software 303 x64

-MD5: 6AE21816FEA683A9ED388F656654251F

-Size: 12,1mb

-Credits: Muiz

- Download: Setpoint 4.80 x86

-MD5: 67E9ADD77058025FF3DB0D2CB14EF9F0

-Size: 61,5mb

-Credits: Muiz

- Download: Setpoint 5.20.40 x86

-Works only with G9 & G500 mouse

-MD5: 025FEBE3C9D29105952FE5014D55B7A6

-Size: 13,6mb

-Credits: Muiz

- Download: Game Panel Software 303 x86

-MD5: D4BEB599DC4CCDDE703E3407EE5C435C

-Size: 11,4mb

-Credits: Muiz

- Download: UberOptions 4.80.5

-Works with SetPoint 4.80

-MD5: 919960FD9126BB1B0B906A30DD0FFFD3

-Size: 4,53mb

-Credits: Muiz

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