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Reboot using a inf file?


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Ok.... Ive got a addon that im working on...

During the uninstall I need the inf to set a folder for deletion after reboot.

So 1st question is How do you set a folder for deletion after a reboot,

and 2nd is how do you get the inf to ask if you if you would like to reboot?

The folder is in Program Files....

Reason I have to do it this was is because i have a dll file that is locked

by explorer.exe until after reboot, so you cant delete the folder until then...

And Ive tried everything... Unregistering.dll etc.... You can use unlocker

to unlock it and then delete the folder but thats not a great alternative...

Any help would be appreciated...

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well you can make the inf reboot using


N Never reboot

AS Always reboot without asking

IS Reboot without prompting if needed

A Always ask user to reboot

I Ask user to reboot if needed

but i didn't try it a lot

and about setting the inf to remove folder

you can use Runonce commands in the registry to call the inf to delete the files

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To delete the folder you add a RunOnce/Ex entry to the registry to deal with the folder, in your DelFiles section of the INF add ,,,1 flag to force delete


Example.dll,,,1 ; queue up delayed delete

HKLM,Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce,"PostUninstall",,"rundll32 advpack.dll,DelNodeRunDLL32 ""%16422%\%SubDir%"",1"


1 // delete the directory only if it's empty

2 // don't delete any sub-dirs; delete only the files

4 // don't delete the dir itself

8 // delete UNC [network] paths

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