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  1. Thanks OnePiece... I use reg2inf constantly.... So I really appreciate the rewrite...
  2. Yup... Have no hosting.. So no place to put all of the addons...
  3. Hey everyone. Just wanted to try and touch base with you. I haven't intentionally not been around. It would be easier if you just read this. It will explain what the last year has been like for me. http://www.gofundme.com/22bc4sk I WILL BE BACK... I'm just trying to get through this at the moment.
  4. Updated to Added separate addon including skins and ove 2,500 start buttons. Just never tested this on Windows 7.
  5. Hey Lego.. Any hope of turning windows 10 support back on? Ive got some addons I need to test and the toolkit has windows 10 support disabled.
  6. Thank you very much. This is a program I really want to continue development on. I, of course will give you full credit.... I just really wanted it to update a few things.... Ive been using it ever since you released it.... And love it! Thanks again.... I really appreciate it... :prop:
  7. I know they are wrong.... We had a server issue that wouldn't let us upload .exe files.... Im updating the links as I update the addons.... So when I get to this one i'll do it then,
  8. Updated CCleaner to 5.00.5050 Updated CCenhancer to 4.2
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