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[Addon] Moataz' Royal AIO Theme for XP


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[Addon] Moataz' Royal AIO Theme for XP (10 colors)

The Royal AIO 10 color theme by moataz. For details, see this thread.

Platform: WinXP

Author: moataz

License: Freeware

Website: http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6240


About this release:

- As requested by a few RyanVM members.

- Custom built MSI; supports AD, admin installs, repairs, etc.

- 7-Zip SVCPACK addon (for the switchless installer, simply extract it from the archive).


- The Royal theme is automagicly enabled, and set to the default Royal theme color (blue).

7-Zip SFX Code:

RunProgram="RoyalAIO.msi /qb"

Addon Details (RVMi and nLite compatible):

File: Moataz_RoyalAIO_1.0.0.5_beats_Addon.7z

CRC-32: 369b258f

MD4: 38529659f269b2d929cfa64c41be3ea3

MD5: be45f42af07a93a4fc95be57a6ed5dbd

SHA-1: d3944e266a9ea54e05ce82abb6e0213e74cc0723

Size: 811KB


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