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Below are a list of useful resources along with some of the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding Remote Access Troubleshooting. Before asking your question on the forums, please see if these FAQs answer your questions. If the answers to these questions do not resolve your issue, please post your question along with the answers to the questions located at the end of this FAQ.

Things to help:

Step by step instructions for configuring common routers for Windows Home Server Remote Access

Microsoft Internet Connectivity Evaluation Tool

1. When I attempt to configure my Remote Access website, the configuration wizards fails when attempting to configure my router?

a. Check to make sure the UPnP is enabled on your router. If you do not see an option for UPnP, check to see whether there is a firmware update that will enable UPnP, or that UPnP is supported by your router.

2. I’m using a router along with my ISP provided device. I am unable to access my Remote Access website. The Windows Home Server Console reports that my website is unavailable from the internet.

a. What is likely occurring is that your network is operating in what is referred to as a “Double NAT” configuration. Your ISP provided device as well as the router that have connected are interfering with each other. You can either remove the router, or check your ISPs support website to find out how to place their device into what is called “Transparent Bridge Mode.”

3. My router is configured properly, however the Windows Home Server Console reports that my website is not available outside my network, and when I attempt to access my server from outside my network, I am unable to connect.

a. Your ISP may be blocking the ports required for Windows Home Server Remote Access to work. Contact your ISP and confirm that ports 80, 443, and 4125 are not blocked.

4. I’m trying to access my Remote Access website from home using my chosen web address; however I get an error saying that the page cannot be displayed.

a. Your router is preventing the connection. If you are within your home network, use Windows Explorer to access the Shared Folders on your Windows Home Server, and use Remote Desktop Connection to access computers within your home. If you must access the Remote Access website from within your home, use the internal name of your server. (i.e. http://hpserver )

5. Remote Access is configured correctly for my Windows Home Server, however, there are periodic times where I am unable to access my server remotely.

a. Your router may need to be rebooted. Unplug the device, wait 30 seconds, and then reconnect the device. If you find that you are having to reboot your router many times, consider replacing the device.

6. My ISP uses Dynamic IP address assignments. My IP address has changed, yet the Windows Home Server Console still is reporting my old IP address. I am unable to access my Remote Access website.

a. This issue can occur when the Windows Home Server Dynamic DNS service fails to update the Dynamic DNS provider with the new IP address. The best fix is to power cycle your Windows Home Server, and the issue should be resolved.

Required Questions for Troubleshooting

1. Which version of Windows Home Server are you running? This information can be found in the Settings area of the Windows Home Server Console.

2. What is the make/model of your router? Have you upgraded to the latest firmware?

3. Who is your Internet Service Provider? If you are using DSL, who is your provider and what is the make and model of your DSL modem?

4. What is your external IP Address as displayed in your router? (This is useful for determining if NAT issues exist)

5. Can you connect to http://yourname.homeserver.com from:

a. Inside your home

b. Your office or other workplace

c. An additional location (coffee shop, friend’s house)

6. What is the error message you receive when attempting to access your Remote Access website?

7. When you do an nslookup or ping yourname.homeserver.com, does it resolve to your actual external IP address? You can find this address in your router, or by using a website like http://whatismyipaddress.com from within your home network.

8. Inside your homenetwork, can you successfully visit http://servername ? If not, what is the error message you receive?

9. Is UPnP enabled on your router? If not, please turn UPnP on and retry the Remote Access Configuration wizard.

10. Have you tried to manually forward ports 80, 443, and 4125 through to your Windows Home Server?

11. From a PC on your home network, can you successfully complete the Internet Connectivity Evaluation Tool without errors? If there are errors, what are they?


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