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Customizing Windows 7

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This will help you towards customizing your Windows 7 to fit your needs in the easiest way.

I will do these in steps...

*First step will be changing the Theme to an Un-official Microsoft Themes -

*Second step will be changing the logon screen to a wallpaper of your choice

*Third step will be changing the Start button (aka Start Orbs)

*Fourth step will be changing a few things in the explorer

I'll be updating/adding this over time...

PLEASE NOTE: You should create a system restore point before you begin and I am not responsible for any damage to your computer USE AT OWN RISK!


I will also explain how to change your folder or library icon and add custom cursors

Updated Step 3

Step 1

Changing the Theme

I'll add images soon....

What you need:

Universal Theme Patcher - This will patch your system so it can use Un-official Microsoft Themes

The theme you want to install - you can get good looking themes from DeviantART

>>>Areo Enabled Computer<<<

How to install

First off run the program Universal Theme Patcher in Administrator Mode (right click > "Run as Administrator") (You must have UAC turned off) After the patch, restart the computer.

Once you are back on, go to C:\WINDOWS\Resources Next get your downloaded theme and copy the .theme file and folder that came with it to C:\WINDOWS\Resources

After you have copied the files over right click on desktop and go to Personalize and look for the theme you have just installed OR you can double click on the .theme file you just copied over.


Please post, explaining what you have done and what is happening

Step 2

Changing the Logon Screen Wallpaper

I'll add images soon....

What you need:

The wallpaper you want to have as your Logon Screen Background(Wallpaper)

Windows 7 Logon Screen Program

How to install

Run the program Windows 7 Logon Screen and select the wallpaper you want to use, once you have selected the wallpaper click on Apply


I'll add the other way to install your wallpaper here when I have time

Step 3

Changing the Start Orb(Button)

I'll add images soon....

What you need:

Windows 7 Start Button Changer

And the Orb image you want to install - you can download good looking Orbs from DeviantART Also have a look HERE they are scattered around the site.

How to install

Run the program Windows 7 Start Button Changer

Click on Select & Change Start Button and navigate to the start button image you have downloaded

Once you have clicked on it, your taskbar and all other explorer windows you had open will close and then your taskbar will re-appear with your new Start orb


If it does not work for you, do the following:

Make sure that the program is closed.

Manually take ownership of “C:\Windows\explorer.exe”

Run the program and select the orb. It will now work.


I'm very busy with college work right now and will be finished soon please give me time. Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy. Please post if you have found this to be useful

:) I'll try to make it easier to do these tasks when I can

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Thanks lurz. :)

Sorry I haven't updated this yet I've been looking and testing many different desktop customization and things for other stuff and so far I have a really good custom Windows 7 on my pc. I'll post a screenshot soon.

Keep on checking for more customization for your Windows 7 :)

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