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[Duda] Value Folder


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hola como andan se me presento una duda, si yo quiero instalar un programa en X64 cual seria el Value Folder del .inf? y se puede hacer compatible para ambas plataformas X86 y X64 en el mismo inf.

Es decir

16422 = Program Files (X86)

????? = Program Files (X64)


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Mismo INF no es muy practico, 5eraph el creador del updatepack para XP x64 dijo esto

# All .x86 decorations must be removed. They never should have been put into addon INFs to begin with. ;) One example is [sourceDisksNames.x86]: change it to simply [sourceDisksNames].

# Second, all references to the I386 location need to be changed to AMD64. Usually the only one is in [sourceDisksNames]. Here's an example that incorporates the change above as well:


1="Signed Theme Files","SgndThms.cab",,"i386"

must be changed to


1="Signed Theme Files","SgndThms.cab",,"AMD64"

# Finally, the following values must be changed in all occurances:

* %ProgramFiles% to %ProgramFiles(x86)%

* 16422 to 16426

* 16427 to 16428

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