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[Tutorial] Creating a Theme AddOn


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OptionDesc = "Luna Lite"

Tip = "Lunal"

Modes = 0,1,2,3

CopyFiles =Luna.MsStyle,Shell.Normal,Shell.Homestead,Shell.Metallic,Wall.Files

must remove (s) because no exist (s) to section [Wall.File] ==== [Wall.File]

this Luna Lite.inf worked

Signature="$Windows NT$"

[Optional Components]
Luna Lite

OptionDesc = "Luna Lite"
Tip = "Lunal"
Modes = 0,1,2,3
CopyFiles =Style.File,Shell.Normal,Shell.Homestead,Shell.Metallic,Wall.File

[Luna Lite]
OptionDesc = "Luna Lite"
Tip = "Lunal"
Modes = 0,1,2,3
CopyFiles =Style.File,Shell.Normal,Shell.Homestead,Shell.Metallic,Wall.File

1="Lunal","Luna Lite.cab",,"i386"

Style.File = 16440,"Themes\Luna Lite"
Shell.Homestead = 16440,"Themes\Luna Lite\Shell\Homestead
Shell.Metallic = 16440,"Themes\Luna Lite\Shell\Metallic
Shell.Normal = 16440,"Themes\Luna Lite\Shell\NormalColor
Wall.File = 10,"Web\Wallpaper"

2XP.jpg = 1
Luna Lite.msstyles = 1
NormalColor.dll = 1
Homestead.dll = 1
Metallic.dll = 1

Luna Lite.msstyles





Edited by mona
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OK mona only thing I see is you did not make your .INF and .CAB 8.3 Filename Compliant. This means the name of the file can only have 8 letters for the name and 3 for the extension

Example: 12345678.123

Here is the addon with fixed 8.3 filenames (I also edited the Entries.ini and INF file to reflect the new names of the 2 files)


BTW Not bad for a first addon I am impressed, zero errors with FGCBA :)

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