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dw20shared.msi (Microsoft Application Error Reporting)

George King

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Does anybody know how edit dw20shared.msi (using Orca or something else) from Windows Live Essentials Wave 3 (14,0,8117,416) please? I need to extract files and also i need monitor installation for making true addon. But when i try it, nothing will be installed...

Here is it:


Thanks for your ideas ;)

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well sadly i didn't mange to extract it

i didn't find a way to implement that in my Addon maker cause of the extract problem

Try to catch the registry with Install watch cause i don't know a way to work with that msi file

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Thats the problem, when i try to catch registry changes, i catch nothing... No files are installed etc... In this time I have 19/20 msi files scanned and transfered to WLE.INF. Only dw20shared.msi still missing...


I extracted files using MSI Unpacker


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