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Theme Changes Color Background Of Word - Help!


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I got an XP theme that adds a grey background color to every application, including Word. When I print a document, the grey background prints also, which is undesirable. How can I change the background color of Word (to white) and make that the default color without changing any part of the theme?

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Yeah I found 1 way

You need to go into customization and then advanced and change the background of ALL windows to a lighter color.

Only solution I found.

I know this. But its not a solution because when I change the background of ALL windows to white, the background color of the theme wil also change from grey to white. Thats the problem. I want to be able to keep the theme's backgreound color (grey). But doing so will also change Word's background color from white to grey. Theres got to be a way to keep the theme's background color without changing Word's background color.



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