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After DISM, "install.wim" increases in size


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I can't find any answer to this question. Probably I'm missing a command.

The size of "install.wim" always increase after I mount it with DISM and then unmount it including the command "/commit", but what I cannot understand is the reason of that change in size since I make very small changes (like creating a shortcut), it is not like I'm copying big files to the image.

The last increase went from 2.79 GB to 2.80 GB when I TOOK OUT files from the image.

Any answers will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Yea IDK either, what I do is I re-export it and it will shrink back again (I suspect it has to do with the folder called \[Files])

I do the same to boot.wim, export both images in the exact order to a new boot.wim to gain 3 MB ;)

imagex /compress maximum /export \se7en\sources\boot.wim 1 \exported\boot.wim & imagex /compress maximum /export \se7en\sources\boot.wim 2 \exported\boot.wim

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Thank you for both responses.

It was pretty weird for me to see that increase in size, I was worried that I was doing something wrong.

I will try to use vLite to rebuild the image.

I haven't used imagex at all, it's hard to keep up with all the tools, but I have to.

Thank you again Ricktendo and Kelsenellenelvian.

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