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I have a issue with programs launching in the wrong spot and moving


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I have been having issues with programs launching and even moving when left open all day on the right side of my screen.


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This didn't start until I got a larger monitor. In the picture is what is happening. I set certain things to open up in different parts of my screen. If I logout/restart the program will end up shifting over to the right. Does anyone know a fix for this?


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Yea sorta the same thing happens to me, I notice when I log off, reboot or install a update that requires reboot the shutting down text is small (Smaller - 100% display size) but when it reboots the text is much bigger (Medium - 125% display size) and its not fixed until I log back in

Here is what Windows 7 says is the recommended display size but I prefer the smaller, what does your say?


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