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Hello everyone.


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How is everyone doing? I haven't been on much for awhile now. I have been really busy since I stated working, I have also been going to the gym for a few hours a day, 4/5 days a week. I haven't had much time to learn any moding etc. for 7 yet, I spend most of my free time studying hardware and bench marks to help me with my job selling PC parts. I have recently got a G9X mouse, G15 keyboard and a SteelSeries glass mouse pad and have only had maybe 40 hours in gaming time since I got it 2 months ago, so that shows how much time I have. LOL. I still come on here to see whats going on etc. I hope everyone is doing well.

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we have finally finished works on our house, well, sort of, it still needs some repairs because we had a bad weather while we did outside works on the facade.

Also, currently we all have a cold, so we are grounded :)

My wife is pregnant again, so there will soon be four of us in the new apartment :)

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Congradumatations on the pregnancy. I hope all goes well. I have had a chest cold for over 3 weeks now. I finally got some over the counter medicine last night. LOL. I have asthma/COPD so i have been having a lot of issues with my breathing. Nothing new though, I have had the issue all my life. I wondered how far along you got on the renovations but you never posted any progress, well you could have and I just missed it.

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