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I also got a 24in. monitor for $34


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Tuesday, We had a bunch of RTV's come back so we had a lot of stuff to clearance. I ended up grabing a 24in. Chilin monitor from work for $34.

I also bought a refurbished H50 this passed weekend from work. We have them for $54. They look new. I mounted my 2 3000rpm Ultra Kazes on it but haven't had much time to overclock. I spent a couple hours trying to get it at 4GHz but ran into problems.

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I have a 23in Acer. That will be my main and gaming monitor since it's better. The 24in. I will use for media, I will hook it up to a KVM switch and use that monitor when I am doing repairs etc.

How is the monitor coming along Rick? How long did it take to get adjusted?

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