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WPI v8.2.0 Release!

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Windows Post-Install Wizard (WPI for short) is a hypertext application designed for giving users choice. While Windows XP offers many ways of customizing the setup process out of the box, its major drawback is the lack of being able to select which applications an end user may install. In the past, end users and administrators needed to either download the files manually, or create overly complex scripts that could only be used once. WPI allows you to create one image, which can then be custom configured, and optionally, automated, so that end users can install any applications.

WPI is a simple to use automation program for the choice and installation of multiple programs, tweaks and scripts. No longer will you need a dozen CD's or more when doing a fresh Installation. No longer will you need multiple files when you are servicing another PC. With Windows Post-Install Wizard all that you will need is 1 or 2 CD\DVD's to fully install your PC with all of your apps, scripts, registry files or tweaks. Instead of having to re-download those apps like adobe reader, flash or updates to programs you can have them all on one disk. With WPI you can have all of them all on one disk and then have a nice interface for selecting which apps to install and after configured properly WPI will install all of them without any needed input from you. WPI also and is commonly used added to your windows installation disks. This way you can automate the complete process of Windows and program installations.

With your typical setup of WPI you have your OS and all of the apps, tweaks and such on one disk. After windows installs, WPI kicks in and you are given a selection of everything you have configured WPI with, then you can select the ones you want or simply let the timer run out and your default apps will install.

Highlights of the newest version!

Loads of new features! Please read the changelog...

Known Bugs\Issues!

The rewind button DOES NOT work on the media player... (Probably never has)

Nero 7 messes with the IE scripting engine and WPI will not work if Nero 7 has been installed or is currently installed. HOWEVER, This link to Nero Cleantool --> HERE has been reported to fix this issue. So if you wish to use WPI and have had Nero7 installed you will want to "clean" your system first.


v8.2.0 Updates - Released May 18th, 2011 :: Dedicated to Kimbra


* If WPI is started from a network share (\\share\folder) it will look

for the mapped drive letter (if has one) and use it.

* Added DOS function {START} because it seems some people have a problem

calling it directly.

USAGE: {START} start "operainstaller" /MIN "%wpipath%\Install\opera11-uni\opera.exe" /install /silent /launchopera 0

* To give better and more accurate error reporting, if an item returns

a code other than 0 or 1, it will show up as Warning in yellow. This

does not count as failed. It usually just means a reboot is required

to finish the installation. It's just a visual for you.

* Fixed a bug in the Configurations selecter. Wasn't being critical


* Fixed a bug in the new Pause script.

* The installer window now opens to the correct inner size no matter

what window border size.

* Added to Config Wizard -> Details -> "Check for reboot".

This will monitor a registry key to see if a reboot is required before

installing this item.

* Added to Options Wizard -> Features -> "Maintain auto logon count".

This will maintain the auto logon count when a reboot is required.

* Fixed small bug dealing with conditions.

* Added to Options Wizard -> Features tab -> "Disable combo box in

installer window". This disables the combobox that changes the

reboot/shutdown state.

* Fixed bug in "Eject CD When Done". Works for some people, but not

others. Stumped on it still.

* Fixed a small bug in determining paths for network shares.

* The navigation grid in the Config Wizard now remembers what column and

direction to sort by.


People still have a mix of x86 and x64 software and are running into

issues with installing the proper architecture version. Now in Config

Wizard -> menu -> Other there is a new Architecture item.

Instead of creating two entries for each program with conditions to hide

it depending on x86 or x64, do it this way as a shortcut:

When adding items in the Config Wizard, if needed, double the entries

for the install program:

{x86} D:\MyProgram_x86.exe /s

{x64} D:\MyProgram_x64.exe /s

When start the installer and it comes to these entries, WPI will check

the architecture bits (32 or 64) and either skip the entry or install

it like normal.

It will say Skipped when not on the right architecture.

This is only needed if the install package doesn't have both versions in

it and checks itself for which to use.

This method will reduce the number of entries and not require any

condition statements.


* icnocop and I worked out a better Pause solution for reboots so WPI

would not continue with the next item before it should.

* New Vista_Ultimate2 theme.

* Fixed bug in log file time stamp.

* Updated the internet connection test.

* The flickering problem has been resolved in Windows based themes.

Still not resolved for Windows Framed themes.

* New Croation (Hrvatski) courtesy of Robert F. Merlin alias

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Just a quick question for v8.2.1 (now available).

Is there an easy way to to determine the OS arch?

Usage: getArch()=="AMD64"
Returns: x86, AMD64, or IA64 (Itanium).

This will return the arch of the processor, not the OS. So if I use the above discriminator on a AMD x64 CPU system with a 32-bit OS installed then my x64 apps will get installed (and crash).

Did I miss something? I read the WPI Info.txt and the changelog but I didn't see anything for that scenario.

If WPIW isn't coded to detect that, how do you guys work around that problem?

Thanks Kels.

Hang in there!

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