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Facewinks v1.0


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Facewinks is a browser (BHO) addon that lets you to surprise your friends with the coolest emoticons and smileys, right in your facebook statuses and comments.

Note: Works only on IE (tested only on IE8). IE-base engine like Maxthon does not work.

Tested also on firefox browser, does not work either.

Autostartup & run as services.

During installation/uninstall, regini.exe is use to change registry permission. After install/uninstall, registry permission is restore to default setting.

Other personal observation:

If you login Facebook in IE with Facewinks installed, you can see simliey faces in your freind's comment. If you do not have Facewinks installed or using 3rd party browser, Facewinks smiley icons will not shown.

This is what you would see when you start commenting on facebook usign IE. (pull down smiley icon at right side)



Size: 714.99 Kb (732,146 bytes)

MD5: C6A04421D7B646F89174A2B8A8FE83F0

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