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Silent switch forgotten

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Hello guys, here is my problem...Probably i forgot to add a silent switch one of my programs or i wrote it wrong when i add them in "Silent Installs + SFX" tab of W7 Toolkit.

Is there any way to add them again correctly or i must do all things from the beginning?


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In short, yes. You have to redo the whole process. However, I would like to point out that this would be one of those times I am glad I have a 'two step' process. In that, I take the first pass on the source to *just* integrate updates. Then the second pass, I integrate addons, drivers, & tweaks. It cuts down the time quite a bit. (And it seems to work decently in practice too.)

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If its a silent install switch you forgot, NO you dont have to redo the entire process....

You can mount the registry and add the switch to it......

Ill have to wait till I get home to tell you where the registry key is...

Or you can just add your silent install program again with the toolkit and have the correct switch

and it will overwrite the old command that didnt have the switch....

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can you make new video tutoruial on RT7 lite pls i have making but software dont working in rt7 lite thanks pls

No! This is not the site that RT7 comes out of. In addition, most of us do not deal with RT7. W7T is superior in that it is being actively developed. Since RT7 is not, you will not get any help here.

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