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removing a lot from win7, help


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I manage to slim down XP(installed with sp3 was 350MB) a lot and it was great, 0% processor unless I wanted him to work something etc...it was made for music, live performance.

I waited a lot for something similar to come out that is reliable and that has components removal and that can set services as I wanted.

I did all that with W7T(removed x64 WIM, and components(almost all) from x86 and do services and winsxs) but when I install it in VMWARE I have a lot of these services running, wnsxs is there and its LARGE 3,5GB and my install ISO is 2,3 GB (install wim is 1,92 GB , after W7T finish modification with it).

So how can I make windows without almost everything, need help( I manage to do that alone with XP, but win7 is giving me a lot of trouble).

maybe some other tool for removing some stuff from install.wim


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You cant really remove alot of stuff since theyre all nestled into eachother.

What you can remove is what you can remove, its not that much and perhaps its not recommended to remove any components either.

With XP you had different CD/ISO's for each version and you could merge them all together with some work, with W7 discs they're really merged into an AIO and components dependant of eachother.

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