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WPI v8.4.6 Release thread

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Al 5 user files HAVE to be moved to the new "UserFiles" Directory BEFORE your WPI will work as normal!!!

Move from wpiscripts directory:


To the NEW UserFiles directory!


Windows Post-Install Wizard (WPI for short) is a hypertext application designed for giving users choice. While Windows XP offers many ways of customizing the setup process out of the box, its major drawback is the lack of being able to select which applications an end user may install. In the past, end users and administrators needed to either download the files manually, or create overly complex scripts that could only be used once. WPI allows you to create one image, which can then be custom configured, and optionally, automated, so that end users can install any applications.

WPI is a simple to use automation program for the choice and installation of multiple programs, tweaks and scripts. No longer will you need a dozen CD's or more when doing a fresh Installation. No longer will you need multiple files when you are servicing another PC. With Windows Post-Install Wizard all that you will need is 1 or 2 CD\DVD's to fully install your PC with all of your apps, scripts, registry files or tweaks. Instead of having to re-download those apps like adobe reader, flash or updates to programs you can have them all on one disk. With WPI you can have all of them all on one disk and then have a nice interface for selecting which apps to install and after configured properly WPI will install all of them without any needed input from you. WPI also and is commonly used added to your windows installation disks. This way you can automate the complete process of Windows and program installations.

With your typical setup of WPI you have your OS and all of the apps, tweaks and such on one disk. After windows installs, WPI kicks in and you are given a selection of everything you have configured WPI with, then you can select the ones you want or simply let the timer run out and your default apps will install.

Highlights of the newest version!

Loads of new features! Please read the changelog...

Known Bugs\Issues!

You cannot minimize the installer window.

You cannot "click 'n drag to highlight items. Enabling this exposes a bug that causes instabilities.

The rewind button DOES NOT work on the media player... (Probably never has)

Nero 7 messes with the IE scripting engine and WPI will not work if Nero 7 has been installed or is currently installed. HOWEVER, This link to Nero Clean tool --> HERE has been reported to fix this issue. So if you wish to use WPI and have had Nero7 installed you will want to "clean" your system first.

Change log!!! (Below in the spoiler section)

v8.4.6 Updates - Released October 24th, 2011


* *** !!! *** Changed the 5 core files to WPI\Userfiles\ *** !!! ***.

* "Windows 7" Theme was renamed to "Win7" Please make sure and add Your

theme files to the new WPI folder.

* Fixed Adding an entry returns error when category is filtered.

* Fixed Category filter errors after deleting entries.

* Removed the ResChanger. (Sorry had to be done).

* Fixed Closing WPI with Alt+F4 doesn't restore IE debug setting.

* Fixed A javascript error is shown before reboots.

* Fixed getAntiVirusProduct and getFirewallProduct on vista/7.

* Found a bug with the skins code.

* GUI for WriteRegKey doesn't write REG_MULTI_SZ correctly.

* Fixed Write <IMG> in the name, category, category or in a command,

it will be interpreted instead of being escaped.

* Fixed RegKeyExists works on values instead of keys.

* Fixed Saving the Config file temporarily breaks the Commands grid.

* Fixed GUI for WriteRegKey doesn't write REG_MULTI_SZ correctly.

* Fixed Broken WPIPath trimming in browser dialog.

* Fixed getAntiVirusProduct and getFirewallProduct broken on vista/7.

* Fixed Adding WriteRegKey from the menu adds the wrong command.

* Fixed The app list overflows on the Exit button.

* Fixed The installer causes IE timeout errors.

* Default folder for switches is userfiles now also.

* Fixed a installer issue with size AGAIN.

* Fixed LoadDesktopBeforeInstall breaks after a wizard is closed.

* Fixed the ie9 + ie6 script debugger errors.

* alt+f4 now deletes the wpi regentries too.

* The "Close" window button is fixed and working now.

* Fixed WPI doesn't properly restore IE debug keys.


Notes and Extras

Suggested disk folder layout:


With the above folder layout all your config entries should read like:

["%wpipath%\Install\Blah.exe" /switch]

Here is a small tutorial on how to add an app to WPI!

OK this is a sample (Very simple) configuration for CCleaner (A.K.A Crap Cleaner)

This assumes you have all of the WPI files either in the WPI folder at the root of your Windows cd or all of the WPI folders (Common, Graphics, WPIScripts, Tools, Install and Themes) and the file WPI.hta at the root of your cd.

Remember this is just the most basic and required entries for a program!

1. Download the app and place it in the WPI\Install Folder. (CCleaner.exe in this example)

2. Run WPI.hta and click on the ?Config? button\Icon area.

3. Go to the very top area above the config section and click on the button that says ?Add?

4. Enter in the name section ?CCleaner? No quotes! Then press the TAB button to activate the rest of the wizard.

5. You will notice the Unique ID (UID) section gets automatically filled in for you.

6. All apps are selected to be installed by default right from the start so if you don?t want it selected by default you must uncheck this box.

7. Choose a category for your app to be displayed in. If you want the app to be displayed in a category you don?t see simply chose other and a box will appear that will allow the entry of you choice.

8. In the commands tab click on "Add" at the controls area just right of the command line pane and then the the little folder icon and browse to your folder that contains the app, preferably the .\WPI\Install folder then select the CCleaner installer, this will place the appropriate path in the command line.

9. Add the necessary switch(s) for the program to run silently. For CCleaner the switch is /S so you would have your command line looks like so = "%wpipath%\Install\CCleaner.exe" /S (This can be easily done for most standard apps by simply clicking on the USSF button on the far right of the command line.) Other switches for apps that USSF cannot identify you can try looking at the forum section here = MSFN Application Installs section,

10. Select the Save and then the Exit buttons and you have now configured your first app!

After wards you configure WPI to run with your CD using whichever method you choose. We suggest using one of the pre compiled and nicely provided $oem$ (Source folder if your are using Vista or Server 2008) folders that can be found in the downloads section. Then you can use an app like nLite, vLite, CDImageGUI or the ISO Creator program included in the tools folder to make your CD w\WPI bootable again.


I seperated ALL themes except for the WIn7 and windows themes out from the main archive.

They can be gotten from:



Here is a quick start package that will set your windows disk up to use WPI after the desktop loads.

This is for use with all versions of Windows 2000, XP and 2003!

To make use of this archive all you need to do is unRAR it and place the %oem% folder beside the I386 and WPI folders.


Contents of the Post %OEM% archive:




Here is a quick start package that will set your windows disk up to use WPI with runonceex.

This is for use with all versions of Windows 2000, XP and 2003!

To make use of this archive all you need to do is unRAR it and place the %oem% folder beside the I386 and WPI folders.





This is for use with all versions of Windows Vista, Server 2008 and Windows 7!

To make use of this archive all you need to do is unRAR it and place the Sources folder at the root of your CD.

Sources Folder.

Contents of the Sources archive:

setupcomplete.cmd (This needs to be several folders deep so I preset the folders for you)


Over 2000 .png images for your pleasure to use in your tooltips or whatever!

PNG Collection.



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