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LDR-QFE updates option in W7 tool kit?


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hi to all.....

i want to ask another question that in W7 tool kit programme under OPTION tab there is another option called LDR-QFE updates...should i have to select this??when integrating solar's update pack to w7 dvd?

because some where i saw that all solar's updates are QFE and LDR branch updates..

and if u don't mind could any body tell me that solar's updates are QFE/LDR or GDR? :confused02:

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They are a mixture of both (GDR+LDR and LDR only,) note that all hotfixes have a LDR branch inside but the ones with both LDR and GDR by default will install the GDR branch unless a previous hotfix with LDR only files was installed, this is the reason for the LDR placeholders...with w7t you dont need to integrate the LDR placeholder hotfixes to force a superseding hotfix to install the same branch, this is what the QFE/LDR option does

More info on LDR/QFE and GDR http://blogs.technet...r-hotfixes.aspx

So in a nutshell: if you want only the security fixes let the hotfix install the default GDR branch...if you want the security+bug fixes force install the LDR branch

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