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FILEminimizer Server FULL Version for FREE!


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Hi I received below email,when go to page it say

The FULL version of FILEminimizer Server can

only be sent to requests from an official company email address

i filled formand receive this massage

Thank you very much.

We have received your request for your FREE, FULL version of FILEminimizer Server and will respond to you as quickly as possible.

The FULL version of FILEminimizer Server can only be sent to requests from an official company email address.

so i still waiting for it.try this and say you got or no.

Hi ,

As a user of balesio's e-learning solutions, you might not have heard yet that

data storage prices are going to increase by 50-100% after the flooding in Thailand

destroyed the plants of major suppliers there - but your IT department will be much more

alarmed by that!

But your IT guys can do something now and you can help them - with a totally free,

full version or our enterprise solution FILEminimizer Server:


Reduce your unstructured data volume on Servers, NAS and SAN storage by 50-90%!

- Avoid rising storage prices in the near future

- Save 2-5x more files on your existing storage capacity

- Reduce your unstructured data growth

- Shorten backup times

- Relieve network and bandwidth consumption

** Exclusive free, full version offered for a short time**

We offer your IT for a short time a full version of FILEminimizer Server - totally free

and with no strings attached!

Request your full version of FILEminimizer Server at the following site:


Learn more about our Native Format Optimization (NFO) Technology and download the free

White Paper here:


Please contact me directly if you have any questions or feedback and thank you for

forwarding this email to your IT department.

Best regards,

Claire Simon

E-mail: sales@balesio.com

Internet: www.balesio.com

US Phone: +1 (415) 316 9980

International: +41 (43) 501 4900

We take your privacy very seriously and any information you submit to us

will not be used by any 3rd party.

If you wish to unsubscribe from our newsletter, please click here


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