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System Information Viewer - v4.32

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System Information Viewer



'System Information Viewer' is a general Windows utility for displaying lots of

useful Windows, Network and hardware info - CPU info, PCI info, PCMCIA info, USB

info, Machine Info, Hardware Sensors, Networked computers, Operating System

Information and more.

Version 4.32 released on 06-Sep-2012
Windows 8 RTM V6.02 Build 9200 support validated and driver ACPI operations enabled.
Updated the [SMB Bus] support to when possible interlock using the INUSE_STS semaphore that is implemented in most Intel SMBus controllers (ICH1 and later). Some third party SMBus drivers incorrectly leave the INUSE_STS semaphore in a claimed state after they have completed their operations. When SIV detects this it will temporarily stop using INUSE_STS and indicate it has done this by un-checking INUSE on the [SMB Bus] panel. Note that SIV uses both the INUSE_STS semaphore and the Access_SMBUS.HTP.Method mutex.
Added the [Chipset SMBus] panel which shows the INUSE_STS semaphore state. If you see the checkbox ticked this indicates a third party SMBus driver has incorrectly left the INUSE_STS semaphore in a claimed state and should be updated.
Added Gigabyte Z77X-UP5 and initial ASRock 970 Extreme3 + 990FX Extreme4 motherboard support.
Added VIA VX11 chipset support.
Added support for the Access_PCI mutex which is used to interlock critical access to PCI Configuration space.
Resolved an issue with [Battery] Granularity reporting and tidied up the panel layout.
Added [JMicron RAID] SMART reporting.
Added -NORAID to disable SMART on RAID Array Drives.
Added support for the On Semi ADP4000 and NCP4200 PMBus Power Controllers.
Added [ACPI ASPT] that reports the ACPI SPTT information.

Version: 4.32

Platform: x86 & x64

Addon Release Date: September 25, 2012

Shortcut created in: Control Panel

Uninstallable: Yes

Credit: *Reaper*


NOTE: These addons are for the DX WinNT6.x True Integrator and Windows 7 or 8 Only.

NOTE: To install on a running system, extract the addon and right-click on the .inf file and choose install.


96629a48f1e9fce1b831bb585aa9f0f9321d044d2b0fac0fb6048139191a96ed6g.jpg 4.84 MB

f02bb548e55ad21347822d6b1625b8f5a021938e2b63161f107e9cf54145c4096g.jpg d22ad73f20e48cb86ab4297a1716c17e


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