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im lost:S:(


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hello wincert people,

im trying to make a tweaked version of windows 7 but im kinda stuck and how to proceed.

i loaded a os in the all in one tool and deleetd services i wont use.

add a theme and downloaded and added solor tweaks pakages.

i press start in the upper left corner and it will proces alot of stuff wich takes almost a hour:-o(why does it take so long? i have the data and the prog on my ssd with a 1100t oc'd to 3,8z and 8 ram)

where can i then find the new files?

if i rebuild the folder i choose in the begining it doesnt have my tweaks or theme in it when i installed in vmware to check it:S

i looked at the guide section but there isnt a guide what tells me where i can find the new image etc.

hope some one can help me out:)

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I've built several versions at once and it takes just under 2 hours... by far the quickest tool I've used with Vista or 7.

The adjustments should occur in the folder that you specify at the start... did you create the ISO and boot from that?

I'm new to this myself...

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