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WIM Registry Editor


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This tool lets you edit the registry of a selected image and i only recommend this tool for advanced users who have experience with the registry, so on that note...

WARNING: This tool is for ADVANCED users only!


As usual when working with images you will be asked to select the image you wish to work with, above i used a previously mounted image. Once you have selected the image you wish to work with then go ahead and click next.

NOTE: If you can't see any images in the list then click 'Browse' first and select your install.wim


Load Hive

Once done, you should see a screen like above. Select the registry items you wish to edit and click Load Hives and the regedit window should open.


You can click Import which will convert a registry file (*.reg) and Win Toolkit will automatically convert and import it for you.

Unload Hive

You can use this to unmount that registry hive when you no longer needed it, note though that it will do it automatically for you anyway when you try and close the tool.

Once done, close the tool and you should get a prompt asking you to save or discard the changes to the image. The rebuild option seems pointless if this is the only thing you have done to the image.

Accessing the registry

Open the registry as usual (WinKey + R > "regedit") and you should see something like the picture below:


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What is the proper STRING to set my settings in registry for my Adapter ID ?


Example :



where >>> {7F995F76-E355-433B-B8FC-*********} is my adapter ID !


because, for every setup windows that ID is changed !


Thank you

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Hi Liam,


why WIM for HKEY_CURRENT_USER does not exist to be modified or is WIM_Default ?

WIM_Admin, what's for ?


HKEY_CURRENT_USER is WIM Default I believe. WIM_Admin is for admin accounts. Any tweaks via AIO get applied to both by default.

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