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[Update] PC needs organ donors


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Not doing so well these days computer wise, my

VAIO VGN-AR870 died a few months back, since then I have been using my former test rig Qosmio G35-AV600 with an external monitor and keyboard (because the ones on the Qosmio are not working)

So I beg you to keep me in the back of your minds next time you have any old desktop parts laying around, I can probably (no definitely) use it.

UPDATE!!! :omg:

So really a good friend of mine in the U.S. is upgrading his PC and is willing to donate his (not so) old VGC-LV190Y AIO (here is a review of the beauty)

I was wondering if anybody would be so kind and could help out with postage fees? :help:

I only have a few bucks I made with AdF.ly and my downloads (but not that much,) any help no matter how little is greatly appreciated :welcome:

If you wish to help

PayPal: jurgendoe@gmail.com



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OH MY!!! looks like I will also be able to upgrade my WRT54G router with a WRT*N (maybe now I can transfer files or watch a video over WiFi without droping the internet,) a 1TB external USB drive, also a wireless Logitech keyboard/mouse (that will surely go to my Mom)

BIG THANK YOU to all who have helped so far

Edit: EEEK!!! just googled "WRT120N review" and got a barrage of bad reviews (not wireless n?) but its fine, my g router is ok

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