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    Learning cool WIN7 integration stuff from Ricktendo64; THANKS!
    Giving up the old XP 64-bit for the new Win7SP1 X64
    Computing and Programming Since 1975
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  1. Thank you, my friends. You are right on target. The folder on the SSD and the SDHC card was named DRIVERS, and knowing that it was an intended feature makes me feel better. A little. Haha. Live and learn, I guess. I am also reminded that these forums are watched by some some pretty smart folks who are willing to help, so thank you! I took the same image and installed into a Virtualbox VM on another machine and saw no RunOnce driver setup screen, so I knew the image was not the issue. I think the idea of looking to a particular folder at setup time for drivers is just a bit inspired, and would definitely benefit the brave souls who trek into this "clean install" wilderness, if they are aware of it. Best wishes from this Padawan in Atlanta. MARK STRELECKI
  2. I found out what was wrong, and I'm still confused, but here goes... I was installing Win7Pro on an SSD that had a partition I was not erasing and it had a TON of drivers for this Thinkpad11e laptop. This time I blasted the SSD clean and popped out the SDHC card (that also had the drivers on it) and now the driver installer DOES NOT RUN at first desktop/RunOnce. OK, so I figured out it was my problem, but why would the setup load these drivers when I never asked it to? I'm embarrassed but wiser, and everybody knows it now.
  3. Just now built another WITHOUT the CR and the same thing happened: at RunOnce a TON of drivers start getting installed. It's gotta be me, it's obviously NOT the CR.
  4. What the heck is going on here? Everything works fine, and always has, with a registered copy of WinToolkit version Recently I went to make a new installer and Lo and Behold, at 1st desktop (RunOnce), the Driver Installer opens and wants to install HUNDREDS of drivers. I did NOT ask for them, and I did NOT integrate any drivers with WTK. All I want/need to do is STOP THE RUNONCE DRIVER INSTALLATION. Please let me know what you need from me, if anything. I'm using an Install.wim that has the new Convenience Rollup integrated (and before you ask I did it the right way, using KUC and getting help from an expert). I know the CR has something like 53 new drivers added to it, so maybe that's the cause? PLEASE don't let that be the reason. I LOVE WTK 'cuz I can control SO MANY settings (tweaks). Is there a new version planned anytime soon? Best wishes from hot and steamy Atlanta. MARK STRELECKI
  5. I can verify that Rick's technical skill and experience are fantastic. He will find a way to help you make it go. He's creative, resourceful, very quck and immensely talented. If you need this kinda help, you can't do better that to Call Rick. He's showed me many times that he has a better grasp on this than I ever will. I highly recommend his services without reservation. Mark Strelecki Computing and Programming Since 1975 Atlanta, GA. USA
  6. I have a dumb question. :g: I was using presets created in older versions of WTK in and my settings were not integrated properly. I saw the same error message shown above. I know, you want details, but I don't have 'em atm. I got past my issue by NOT using any old presets and recreating them from my notes. Just wondering if that was ever an issue. Can't wait to see your V2 product. I will use it the day you release it. Best wishes from a Big Fan in Atlanta, GA. Mark Strelecki
  7. Best wishes from a big fan in Atlanta!
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Atlanta, GA. USA
  9. I've been seeing this for several days. Glad you mentioned it. @ricktendo, nice to see you here! MARK STRELECKI Atlanta, GA. USA
  10. I see that same error message, and will be patient while The Creator makes it go again. :cap: Mark Strelecki ATLANTA, GA.
  11. Rick - I am certain that the ICH10 is AT LEAST a SATA II interface. Maybe Sata III. And YES, an SSD will make ANY Sata-based system boot faster, run faster, and shut down faster. You will wonder how you ever did without it, once you get an SSD into your rig. I am a BIG fan of the Samsung 830 series (I have a 64GB and 2 128GB) and all my stuff is Sata II, except for the add-in boards that use either sata III or PCIe (smokin!). The Apricorn folks have a new model http://www.apricorn.com/products/desktop-ssd-hdd-upgrade-kits/vel-solox2.html that can RAID tow drives together on the Sata III bus. Remember that RAID controllers for the most part do NOT support TRIM. BOTTOM LINE: get the biggest SSD you can afford, connect it to the fastest motherboard-based connection, and do a clean install of windows. Awe-Some! See you at Warp Speed, bro. MARK STRELECKI Atlanta, GA. USA
  12. I like to use WinInfo or Speccy to get hardware information. The SaveHWIDs.exe console app works to produce a text file loaded into Notepad. Hope all is well with you, Ricktendo. Best wishes from your friend "up north". MARK STRELECKI Atlanta, GA. USA
  13. This is the PCIe add-in card that I described earlier: http://www.microcenter.com/product/398333/Apricorn_Velocity_Solo_x2_PCIe_20_x2_to_SATA_6Gb-s_Solid_State_Drive_Adapter I got it at Microcenter retail in Atlanta and it works great! MARK STRELECKI Atlanta, GA. USA
  14. My 1st SSD was a Corsair. I'm sure I got it because it was the best value at the time (120GB). I've really come to appreciate the Samsung 830 Series as they are very fast and make everything work more smoothly. There is also a PCIe x1 card that you slide an SSD into and then install in the computer. It has a SATA III interface so it can upgrade any box that only has SATA II onboard. It's a bootable card, and has an extra internal SATA III port for a 2nd drive, if you wish. Works great and costs around $50 US. My condolences on the development downtime; I understand this may be a frustrating interlude. But just think: you'll make a Clean Install of the OS when it comes back, and you'll be better than before. <grin> Thank you for everything you do, my friend. I love your work and tell everyone about it. You are a giant whose shoulders many of us stand upon. Best wishes from Atlanta, GA. USA. MARK STRELECKI
  15. Hey Rick. Please stop making this really difficult stuff look so darned easy. <grin>
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