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  1. installer and compiled autoit script best regards BigRandalo
  2. hmmm, mine doesn't...
  3. :giveheart: A Happy B-Day from germany too
  4. i don't see that problem with german xp =) works like a charm regards bigrandalo
  5. SFX works fine for me but you kinda forgot to upload the addon best regards bigrandalo
  6. no problem
  7. :thumbsup_anim: Thank you!
  8. Hey Reaper Yesterday JoeJoe released the final to 2.9.1 *klick* Could you update this? (I could too, but i allways like to get the refreshed packed from the "owner") cheers kHaN
  9. :thumbsup_anim: No Problem Hope i could help cheers BigRandalo
  10. It is looking for a settings.dat in the same folder or in %APPDATA%\uTorrent.
  11. I know another utility that can do the same but looks a bit better Qliner hotkeys 2.01 cheers
  12. hi rick. there was again another update for filezilla @ *klick* but i did not find the changelog. could you plz update your add-on? thx in advance bigrandalo
  13. you could also try IconTweaker it's freeware and there are a bunch of predefined iconsets out there, but you can also use your own icons and save them as a theme the homepage seams to be down/unreachable atm but crystalxp still has it regards kHaN
  14. hi gorki :welcome: since i am using this theme too you maybe are interessted in this: Stolen v16.2 by ~leosss