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  1. hornet512

    Win Toolkit

  2. hornet512

    Java Runtime Environment 8 Update 25

    update 45 please ?
  3. hornet512

    Compressed windows 7 images

    I am looking forward that support :music: May be in v2.0 :w00t:
  4. hornet512

    Compressed windows 7 images

  5. hornet512

    Compressed windows 7 images

    Wintoolkit v1.4.37.20 cannot open compressed win7 images :g: It says "error getting wim info, parameter error". People compress their win7 images with new win8 compressing method (I don't know how.) Cannot I use wintoolkit with thouse type of images any more ? Regards.
  6. hornet512

    HashTab - v5.2.0.14

    Request filled
  7. hornet512

    What happened to Unattended creator?

    why architecture tab removed in unattended creator ?
  8. hornet512

    VLC Media Player - v2.1.3.0

    Update request filled
  9. hornet512

    Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 for Windows 7

    Wintoolkit didn't like it :g:
  10. hornet512

    autounattended creator "no drivers found" error

    I could test on a real machine today: All the same :crying_anim02: If I add an autounattended.xml file to my win7AIO9.iso, setup can't find any partition. I test on a multiboot USB. Regards. EDIT: I made a mistake about creation win7.iso in moltiboot USB. That is not a wintoolkit issue, sorry.
  11. hornet512

    changing the download location

    allinone integrator - adwanced - tweaks - change the download directory I would like to change the download directory default to desktop. Is %desktop% syntax true ? Regards.
  12. I made an autounattended.xml with wintoolkit1.4.1.10 today and it caused "no drivers found" error while installation. If I remove xml file from my win7.iso, everything is fine. There was an architecture option before. Now, there isn't ! I didn't test in real machine, only virtualbox. Regards. Autounattend.xml
  13. I tried to inject win8 official product key by using myselfidems's setProductKey.cmd and no way any idea? Regards.
  14. hornet512

    v1.4.0 Sneak Peek

    I have downloaded and look at v1.3.0.102 Thanks for your hard work. I like it very much. No any new idea for now. Let's hurry for final version because win8 is coming
  15. I have downloaded win8 customer preview and added thouse with w7t #Addons Reapers_HashCheck_2.1.11.1_x86_Windows7_Addon.WA Reapers_Hodoku_2.1.1_x86_Windows7_AddOn.WA #Silent Installs Reapers_Java_7_x86 #Theme Packs Ducati_Windows7.themepack #Wallpapers 5 jpg wallpapers aotounattend.xml applied to the image. no tweaks, no updates applied. The autounattend.xml gave error in the picture and the installation was failed. After I remove the autounattend.xml file, win8 succesfully installed. hascheck and hudoku were ok. Java wasn't installed. Lego, do you have plan about win8? Regards. Autounattend.xml