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  1. I am looking forward that support :music: May be in v2.0 :w00t:
  2. Wintoolkit v1.4.37.20 cannot open compressed win7 images :g: It says "error getting wim info, parameter error". People compress their win7 images with new win8 compressing method (I don't know how.) Cannot I use wintoolkit with thouse type of images any more ? Regards.
  3. why architecture tab removed in unattended creator ?
  4. I could test on a real machine today: All the same :crying_anim02: If I add an autounattended.xml file to my win7AIO9.iso, setup can't find any partition. I test on a multiboot USB. Regards. EDIT: I made a mistake about creation win7.iso in moltiboot USB. That is not a wintoolkit issue, sorry.
  5. allinone integrator - adwanced - tweaks - change the download directory I would like to change the download directory default to desktop. Is %desktop% syntax true ? Regards.
  6. I made an autounattended.xml with wintoolkit1.4.1.10 today and it caused "no drivers found" error while installation. If I remove xml file from my win7.iso, everything is fine. There was an architecture option before. Now, there isn't ! I didn't test in real machine, only virtualbox. Regards. Autounattend.xml
  7. I tried to inject win8 official product key by using myselfidems's setProductKey.cmd and no way any idea? Regards.
  8. I have downloaded and look at v1.3.0.102 Thanks for your hard work. I like it very much. No any new idea for now. Let's hurry for final version because win8 is coming
  9. I have downloaded win8 customer preview and added thouse with w7t #Addons Reapers_HashCheck_2.1.11.1_x86_Windows7_Addon.WA Reapers_Hodoku_2.1.1_x86_Windows7_AddOn.WA #Silent Installs Reapers_Java_7_x86 #Theme Packs Ducati_Windows7.themepack #Wallpapers 5 jpg wallpapers aotounattend.xml applied to the image. no tweaks, no updates applied. The autounattend.xml gave error in the picture and the installation was failed. After I remove the autounattend.xml file, win8 succesfully installed. hascheck and hudoku were ok. Java wasn't installed. Lego, do you have plan about win8? Regards. Autounattend.xml
  10. The same for USB installation. Silent installers fails. Previous versions I tested in December 2011 had no problem. I prefer w7t .wa addons but long time no news from Reaper
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