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  1. Hello, Will there be any new UL for win10 1809? Thank You.
  2. Hello, Will there be any updates this month or are they still causing problems? Thank You.
  3. setup a fresh vm and everything worked again. not sure what was wrong. super happy it works though
  4. rhahgleuhargh I have at least 120GB available on the drive when I am integrating and yes those 2 updates are in prerequisites. 64bit Win7 works good, though it seems WTK hangs when i close it now as well. Not sure why, maybe i need to reinstall windows or something.
  5. 32Bit Windows 7 seems to hang and crash during integration whenever it reaches KB3125574. Tried on , and with no change. Also tried re downloading the update a few times. Is anyone else having this problem or know how to fix it?
  6. chains1041

    WinToolkit for WINDOWS 10 has expired .

    Changed the date to before Jan 2017 and i was able to work with Win10 images again.
  7. Alpha Waves Downloader is showing me the windows 8.1 x64 update list for windows 8.1 x86