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    Description: The Visual C++ Redistributable Packages install runtime components that are required to run applications that are developed by using Visual Studio. These packages install run-time components of these libraries: C Runtime (CRT), Standard C++, ATL, MFC, C++ AMP, OpenMP and MSDIA. read more. OS: Windows All Versions: VC++ 2019: 14.24.28127.4 VC++ 2013: 12.0.40664.0 VC++ 2012: 11.0.61135.400 VC++ 2010: 10.0.40219.473 VC++ 2008: 9.0.30729.7523 VC++ 2005: 8.0.61187 VC++ 2003: 7.10.6119.0 Vc++ 2002: 7.0.9975.0 + Legacy Visual Basic Runtimes Files Contents: vcredist_x64_Win7 / vcredist_x86_Win7: All runtimes for Windows 7 SP1 vcredist_x64_2019_WinAll / vcredist_x86_2019_WinAll: Visual C++ 2019 vcredist_x64_2013d_WinAll / vcredist_x86_2013d_WinAll: Visual C++ 2013, 2012, 2010, 2003, 2002 Visual Basic 6.0 Runtimes vcredist_x64_SxS_Win7 / vcredist_x86_SxS_Win7: Visual C++ 2008, 2005 for Windows 7 SP1 vcredist_x64_SxS_Win810 / vcredist_x86_SxS_Win810: Visual C++ 2008, 2005 for Windows 8.1/10 Important Notes: # Integrating SxS 2008/2005 addons require launching Wintoolkit with TrustedInstaller privileges, to gain write access to WinSxS directory for that, you need to use NSudo (or other similar tools): - download and extract latest release Binary.zip - launch Win32\NSudo.exe or x64\NSudo.exe, or run NSudo.bat as administrator - make sure User is set to TrustedInstaller - check "Enable All Privileges" - paste Wintoolkit.exe path in the lower box (or Browse to the file) - click run if you are using Windows 7 Simplix Update Pack, you don't need that, it already handle the required privileges # vcredist_x64_Win7 / vcredist_x86_Win7 is AIO addon, mainly to be used with Simplix Update Pack, or else you need Wintoolkit with NSudo # VC++ 2019 runtimes are binary compatible and upgrade to VC++ 2015-2017 and cover all VS 2015-2017-2019 programs # To complete VC++ 2019 function for Windows 7/8.1, you need to integrate Universal CRT components, which is available with latest Monthly Rollup, or updates KB3118401/KB2999226 Download: vcredist_x64_Win7_20191015.WA vcredist_x86_Win7_20191015.WA vcredist_x64_2019_WinAll_14.24.28127.WA vcredist_x86_2019_WinAll_14.24.28127.WA vcredist_x64_2013d_WinAll.WA vcredist_x86_2013d_WinAll.WA vcredist_x64_SxS_Win7.WA vcredist_x86_SxS_Win7.WA vcredist_x64_SxS_Win810.WA vcredist_x86_SxS_Win810.WA you can find latest releases -> here SHA1 checksums: d13217e04e4c27bdb9b6f462eabf1a10fa852b72 *vcredist_x64_Win7_20190716.WA ef0ba3513031651effc100a1f1828e88d81b5640 *vcredist_x86_Win7_20190716.WA 57585ffad5478d6f0d7ba8238c51d6a26d91464e *vcredist_x64_2019_WinAll_14.22.27821.WA 1de5c09f237a2873b92126c170abf9272d947fdf *vcredist_x86_2019_WinAll_14.22.27821.WA 05e938f354c059d89d846d2e9a7591d05154aa70 *vcredist_x64_2013d_WinAll.WA 534f1e53080819aeb58e3b060d7c6a0a76b4d4d4 *vcredist_x86_2013d_WinAll.WA 8cc9f65fc444a878d8cabd0ad317597edb552f07 *vcredist_x64_SxS_Win7.WA 886faa949e7d51a40dc8d467f65c373f887c2ec3 *vcredist_x86_SxS_Win7.WA 94e267e5e6ff89854bd64b6260333664a266c754 *vcredist_x64_SxS_Win810.WA 206fda69fa2d3fd838dd9e3ee33f35c4cd7a2cae *vcredist_x86_SxS_Win810.WA Credits to ricktendo for original repack AIO
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    Live Bootscreen Patcher v2.4 (Date: 09-Sept-'09) MD5b9fda6fe272aad3c3c7d0ad85ca964cc Size:1,85MB ~ Screenshots~ Requirements: ~ Windows XP (x86) only (All Bootscreens are tested on an up-to-date SP3 XP Pro) ~ Languages: all Containing: ~ Green, Blue, Red, and Purple Vista-like bootscreens. ~ The ability to patch your kernel with a custom bootscreen ~ The ability to patch your kernel in a XP-CD Source with a custom bootscreen __________________________________ Sample:TV-Test screen v1.2 Custom "bootscreen": By Kirs More Bootscreens Here Bootscreen requests can be made in this topic, perhaps we can realize them. How-to make your own bootscreen: To make a custom bootscreen, you'll need an imaging program which can index .bmp's to 4bit (16 colors). For example you can use "Gimp" (Freeware). Since we used this software, the rest of this tutorial and the steps described below are based on Gimp. First, you'll need two sample bitmaps (background & progress bar) which you can later modify. These .bmp files can be obtained by clicking on the "Get BMP's" button in the LBS Patcher or through an sample .lbs file (extract with eg. 7-Zip). You can save them anywhere you like.Now, open the .bmp files in Gimp and open the color map (Windows > Dockable dialogs, also see the screenshot below). If you like you can change the colors in the pallet a bit, but you can not add colors. 16 is the maximum! Also the first color has to be black (value: 000000).After modifying, you'll have to save the two files. Save the background image as 'BG.bmp' and the progress bar image as 'PB.bmp'. If you have multiple layers, please merge them when saving to keep the correct color pallet. The BG.bmp should have a resolution of 640x480.Go to the location where you saved the images and zip the BG.bmp and PB.bmp files together. You can name this file whatever you like, as long as it has this composition: "anyname_boot.zip". (You can zip, rar or 7z the 2 bitmap's and even rename it to"anyname_boot.lbs" if you like, but all will work "anyname_boot.zip, rar,7z") Now you can select "Custom Bootscreen" in the patcher and locate your "anyname_boot.zip" file!! Screenshot: Gimp Change log: ~ v2.1 auto-change the colors from the 4bit pallet in the kernel to the 4bit color pallet used in the bitmap. redone all bootscreen bitmaps and hex edited them to make them visible. added red and purple XPtsp bootscreens added preview popup window (tnx Dougiefresh) new way to use custom bootscreens via zipped bitmaps from any provided location. added checks to make sure correct bitmaps are being used. added a get sample button. multi lang support. ~ v2.2 The ability to patch your kernel in a XP-CD Source with a custom bootscreen Added some skins Some minor error fixes ~ v2.3 Fixed bootscreen fade-in at XP start Major patching speedup added a button to check for update/bootscreens (navigates to the default browser) repairs a bug from v2.2 minor script fixes and updates ~v2.4 updated the uninstaller new setup installer (inno setup) added checks for kernel Update's or Downgrades (to make a new backup) ~ Todo: auto detect xp language. add more bootscreen files to the patcher. add more languages. change the colors from the 4bit pallet in the kernel to the 4bit color pallet used in the bitmap. (ability to move progress bar up or down.) GUI Updates/ideas. GUI support: Dougiefresh GUI Graphix: Kirs GUI: Mr.Fixit Gr Fixit

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