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  1. @wolfcall....u've got a preety impressive desktop bro :-). I like ur sidebar design. Any clue how I can make one mine...and r u using rocketdock on the top of ur desktop?
  2. Well...there are many addons like ur CPL Pack, lite addon, runtimes and loads of others. Last time I made my compilation, where evrything worked perfectly. Is the RVM 1.0.1 causing any problems (I personally prefer this 1 though)? Or should I use Red's update pack (which I've used in my previous compilation)? P.S. - Posting this pic. Here's all the addons. Very few of them works (hardly 5-6 of them). Please check it out and guide me if u can. Thanks a lot...
  3. Guys I've been using nlite for a long time. But now most of the addons are not working. It integrates with nlite, but doesn't get installed when I install windows. I've come down to v1.4.5 from 1.4.9. Still no remedy...can someone help??
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