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  1. Hello All, After much effort I could not install Windows 10 any version on my pc. I took it to a shop and asked to watch them do it. It seems my pc has BIOS setting that must be changed to install Windows. Then once Windows is installed Bios must be switched back. It even was that way with multiple Hard Drives. Computer would not see any drive without switching BIOS settings one way. And then back the other way. Anyways the shop got it all to work. Now if I remember that for next time it would be good. Thanks for all your help. Vash
  2. Hello mooms, Thanks for the info and help, I appreciate it. I will keep it in mind for future installs. Thanks Vash
  3. Hey Snowball, Thanks for the fast reply and help. I will do as the video shows. Never thought I would have that issue on new HDD's as they only came from newegg still seal the other day. I will post beck my results, fingers crossed. Thank Vasha
  4. Hey Guy & Gals, I got a bit of a problem with trying to Install Windows 10 Pro on pc. Replace ssd c: drive with larger hdd drive and went to install windows but can't. Somehow install gives me only 2 options : upgrade or advanced and no install button. I put in another new c: drive and still had same issue. I tried many Microsoft 10 usb created with microsoft creation tool and always the same. I then used Heidoc Microsoft Downloader and tried to install and got same 2 options upgrade or advanced. The drives are new and never used so not sure if Windows installers are seeing old Windows 10 home key in bios. I am trying to install Windows 10 Pro full retail on new drive. I disabled secure boot and cms in bios and still same results. Anyone know how I would fix this? Thanks in advance Vash
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