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  1. Hello. I have a few questions. My father bought me an Acer laptop back in 2013 and it was really good, yet throughout many years later it became clogged with trash making it very frustrating to use so as a solution I thought to reinstall Windows. Obviously. I needed the correct disc but the only disc I could find in that old box was a Resource DVD - which wasn't enough to do it. The correct disc wasn't included in the box from computer shop I bought it from. At the time of the purchase I knew less about technical stuff so I never even noticed it. The information I dug up is that before I bought my laptop. Windows was installed already but a reinstallation disc or even the product key sticker were not included. Granted, I did manage to find the key but it was the manufacturer's installed key. When I typed it to the Microsoft webpage (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows7) I got an error and was redirected to a forum where the only solution other than borrowing it from others was do download the ISO from your webpage but even then I noticed the downloads are restricted to a certain day. My Office programs are from 2007. So I'm wondering WHEN is the right time to download (writing this on 2020 March 4th) and if it's it even going to help me succesfully reinstall it. All other alternatives and tips that I'm not aware of are very welcome. Excuse me for errors, english is not my native language. Best regards.
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